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Hello. I am a cartoonist and illustrator that often works under the pseudonym LÆMEUR. I have an illustration-oriented site and portfolio over at http://laemeur.com.

This is my personal website, containing pages about various other things that I get up to outside the realm of illustration, and some links. I am a computing enthusiast and hobbyist programmer, as well as a musician of sorts; most of what ends-up here is related, in some way, to those interests.

You can read more about me here: about me.

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P·HYDRA: The Most User-Hostile POKEY Sequencer for The Atari Home Computer [2018]
P·HYDRA is a ...well, what the hell is it? You could say that it's a music tracker/sequencer*. It can certainly be used that way. It might be better thought-of as a live coding environment for music/sound.
My DIY Fretless 6-String Bass Guitar Made from a 2×4 [2017]
Saw a 2x4 in a "free lumber" pile; decided, hey, I'll make a guitar out of that! This is how I did it.

Miscellaneous Pages

The Alph Project [2016-present]
My stab at making a xanalogical system out of Web standards.
H6E. On Creating Art in 2017 For A Computer From 1979 (or 1985) [2017]
Some notes regarding the creation of contemporary artwork for old Atari computers.
ÆGNUS [2016/17]
A GNU social client, written as a browser extension. This link goes off site – I used to host ÆGNUS development here on SDF, but it's graduated to its own server. ÆGNUS development is currently on hold; I'll probably rework it into an ActivityPub client if/when I ever get back to it.
GALROID/V [2016-present]
My latest Asteroids homage, in HTML5/Javascript. Written early in the year but I didn't bother to post it for a while; it uses code from my DVG simulator.
G5L. File Corruption For The Visually-Oriented [2016]
Or, Off-Label Uses for NetPBM.
GNU social Groups Index(er) [2016]
Because federated groups are great, but finding the damned things isn't. [Requires Javascript]
GNU social conversation constructor [2016]
Give me a post permalink, I'll give you the entire (in theory) conversational context. [Requires Javascript] [The functionality of this tool has been rolled into ÆGNUS, and this is no longer being updated.]
E68. Atari Digital Vector Generator (DVG) Simulator [2015]
A thing that draws flickery, glowy lines that you can program like it's 1979 all over again. [Requires Javascript]
F8P. Dot-Matrix Simulator, web version [2015]
A Javascript toy for converting an image into a reasonable facsimile of an old dot-matrix printout. [Requires Javascript]
E3V. RUDESDAY [2014]
The Day We Write In RUDIGRAPH!
D8K. Dot-Matrix Simulator [2013]
A simple Perl script for producing a decent mimic of a dot-matrix printout from a bitmap.
Let Us Not Be Dicks [2014]
My standard online copyright statement.
Protodocuplextron [2013]
Linked note-cards with visible links. forthcoming
Asteroid I/X [2009]
An Asteroids derivative in ActionScript. [Requires Flash]
Sony Watchman Oscilloscope [2009]
Not a very useful oscilloscope, but a fun toy for drawing Lissajous figures with electrons.
The Atari Synthesizer [2009]
An aborted effort at making my Atari 800XL a mean music-makin' machine.
Fonts [n/a]
I make/modify the occasional font. For right now there are just a couple DOS/VGA font modifications.
ATARI [n/a]
I have an Atari computer. I like to use it. Here's what I get up to.

This is a Web site.

It is a collection of Web pages.

Some of the pages are simple text documents. Some have audiovisual media. Some have executable code that performs a useful function or generates zippy graphics.

This site is not an app. There are no settings, or profiles, or messaging features. There is no database-driven content management system. There is no user interface, per sé. There is no overarching theme, no uniform look-and-feel.

There are merely documents – heterogeneous documents, made by people, augmented with hyperlinks to other documents, and organized in a simple hierarchy.

This is a Web site.

—L. H6H