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NodeNicknameFull NameDescriptionCreatedMembers
social.heldscal.laaraAsian-Russian AllianceA place for pictures and videos of Russian and Japanese girls. In loving memory of karl@soykaf.com1 Oct 20162
gs.kawa-kun.comkemonomimi獣耳Characters with animal ears.1 May 201613
social.undernet.uyandroidAndroidAndroid general discussion, app reviews, security news, etc17 May 20165
social.undernet.uyastronomyAstronomyShare astronomy news, astrophotos and observations!19 Feb 20166
social.undernet.uyhilariousHilariousHilarious news and memes24 Jun 20162
social.undernet.uyhopeworldHope WorldNews that proof this world is not lost yet and there is good people in it.6 Jun 20161
social.undernet.uylinuxLinuxLinux general discussion, news, articles and security updates17 May 20165
social.undernet.uyradioaficionadosRadioaficionadosRadioaficionados - Todo lo referente a equipos, contactos DX, experiencias y temática general de radioaficionados29 Feb 20164
social.undernet.uyshitworldShit WorldNews that proof this world is full of shit and we deserve to be hit by an asteroid asap.6 Jun 20161
social.undernet.uysnapshotSnapshotShare your award winning photography taken with your phone in the street/bus or DSLR camera. Under Creative Commons License.19 Feb 20163
social.undernet.uysuperbSuperbIncredible, unthinkable, breathtaking and superb news and facts in the world!10 Jun 20161
social.undernet.uyundernetUndernetNovedades de Undernet Uruguay - Servicios federados, libres, seguros y autogestionados. Perimer servidor GNU Social uruguayo.29 Feb 20166
social.undernet.uywatchitburnWatch it BurnWatch this world burn slowly news24 Jun 20161
quod.plappleundefinedGrupa dla fanów i fanbojów Apple.24 May 20161
quod.plbekazwykopuBeka z wykopu15 May 20166
quod.plgryundefined24 May 20161
quod.pljablkaibananyjabłka_i_bananyczaisz16 May 20164
quod.plmetalmusicMetal MusicTylko muzyka metalowa w każdej postaci. Heavy, thrash, death, doom, black...15 May 20162
quod.plmotoryzacjaMotoryzacjaWszystko co związane z motoryzacją i samochodami.15 May 20163
quod.plquodQuod15 May 20164
quod.plquodspolecznoscQuod Społeczność15 May 20167
quod.plquodsugestieQuod Sugestie15 May 20163
quod.plrwksremigiusz nadajeGrupa dla fanów blogera rwks, którego znakiem rozpoznawczym jest wielopłaszczyznowe myślenie.28 May 20161
quod.plserialeundefined15 May 20165
sealion.clubasksimAsk SimGot a question for sim? Ask it here!4 Sep 20162
sealion.clubbaconbaconpig is good5 Aug 20161
sealion.clubblitzkriegBlitzkriegLightning Tactics.24 Jul 20164
sealion.clubbritpack#BritPackGet connected with other Brits here.2 Sep 20167
sealion.clubcobCult Of BellaA group for worshiping the divine and lovely Bella26 Jul 201613
sealion.clubcocoricoLiberté, Égalité, BaguettéLes anglo-saxons sont bien gentils, mais pour parler de quoi que ce soit qui en vaut la peine, mieux vaut quand même le Franco-Français.2 Aug 20161
sealion.clubcomicsComicsComics!16 Feb 20163
sealion.clubfuckislamFuck Islamfuck islam!5 Aug 20162
sealion.clubfurryFurry SealionsA place to share furry goodness. Straight, gay, or anything in-between, it's all good here.30 Sep 20164
sealion.clubgamedevGame DevelopmentGroup for people interested in making games.6 Aug 20164
sealion.clubgamergateGamerGateIsn't this over with yet?2 Mar 20167
sealion.clubgetinmyraftbitchesBellaDevotees of the one26 Jul 20162
sealion.clubgnusdevGNU Social Plugin IdeasGroup with a sole purpuse of creating GNUSocial plugins28 Aug 20161
sealion.clubhellThe HellHell6 Feb 20167
sealion.clubhellojson/hello.json/hello.json for those who wish to understand scripts and https. For all your basic computer needs... got a question? Pose it here for other users to answer.4 Sep 20168
sealion.clubiceloopsICELOOPSICELOOPS my group6 Feb 20160
sealion.clublewdsLewds and Bewbs25 Jul 201622
sealion.clublinuxLinuxThis is a general Linux / Open Source and Free Software news and information group. Feel free to post your musing and new information. Neckbeards welcomed!24 Jul 20161
sealion.clublinuxlearningLinux LearningPlace to share Linux tutorials, advice, or news to help others grow as Linux users. Any distro or flavor. Extremely noob friendly, so no neckbeard egos welcomed.25 Mar 20168
sealion.clublogicchurchLOGIC CHURCHThe LOGIC CHURCH stream group.14 Aug 20169
sealion.clubloliLolicons of the world, unite!27 Mar 20165
sealion.clubmcfuckfacesMcfuckfacesMcfuckfaces25 Jul 20161
sealion.clubnoneNone2 Mar 20160
sealion.cluboppaiAnime BoobsAnime girls with endowed chests. May contain NSFW content.21 Mar 201624
sealion.clubramenramenyumm31 Jul 20161
sealion.clubrpRoleplayingA hub for roleplayers of all kinds, whatever their shape or size.7 Oct 20165
sealion.clubshitlordsthe shitlordsbuncha cunts!24 Jul 20164
sealion.clubshitpostingLord Chin Chin wallah-woo-hooRedic/postNudesfgt21 Aug 20161
sealion.clubsquadvSquad Mark VJackal Hour Squad22 Feb 20165
sealion.clubtasterTasterTasting posts.24 Jul 20161
sealion.clubtechsupportTech SupportA sanctuary for humans who wish to avoid the upcoming android apocalypse. We have cake. Really. I promise. I would never lie to you. Please make sure to wash your hands before entering. Androids don't like germs.22 Aug 20162
sealion.clubtfsThe Filthy SealionsA raft for show discussion.18 Aug 20162
sealion.clubtwitteratiTwitter EliteThe Twitter Élite24 Jul 20168
sealion.clubultramarines9thcompanyUltramarines 9th companySmurfs Unite. We are the Ultramarines and we will stand tall against the Heretic, the xenos and the demon. Courage and Honour31 Aug 20161
sealion.clubvoatVoatA place to discuss Voat on GNU Social.18 Mar 20168
sealion.clubweeabooAnime and shitHere be weebs11 Aug 20162
sealion.clubweirdhentaiWeird Hentai19 Mar 20164
gnusocial.clubmediahobgoblinMediaHobgoblinMediaHobgoblin is Guile program that processes media files and construct a website similar to MediaGoblin.30 Apr 20161
gnusocial.clubsyogmStart Your Own Gold MineStart Your Own Gold Mine is a straightforward, integrated and turnkey business program that helps the client to start in gold mining production within 45 days. It is carried out as consulting and mentor guided program. The business program Start Your Own Gold Mine is your Wealth Generation Plan as authored and designed by Mr. Jean Louis and the company RCD Wealth. Wealth Generation Plan is well worked out to help our clients obtain wealth and richness within shorter time, and with fast return of investment in order to enjoy financial freedom.21 Mar 20161
gorf.clubdoomDoomPlayers of Doom, Doom II, D00M3, DOOM and related games5 Jun 20169
gorf.clubgorfgorfnetsgnu social group for gorfnets users10 Mar 20164
quitter.imbotsBots on GNUsocial6 Jan 20165
quitter.imgentooGentoo LinuxGentoo Linux is GNU/Linux distribution built using the Portage package management system. Unlike a binary software distribution, the source code is compiled locally according to the user's preferences.25 Jul 20165
quitter.imsamlosMinespace Server 0/50 Slots IP (möchte grösster server der welt werden) 50 slots momentan Willkommen auf dem Server Syntex! Wir sind ein kleiner netter Server mit eigentlich allem ,was wir nicht haben kommt noch so unser Motto. Auf unserer Stadt Welt kannst du dir dein eigenes Haus in der Hauptstadt oder in e inem Dorf erbauen. Außerdem haben wir eine Creativ Welt und eine Spiel Welt mit Hungergames und allem möglichen. Hast du Lust auf PvP auch das haben wir einfach in die PvP Welt hüpfen. wier haben ein Wärungsystem auf unserem server was aber nichts spezieles ist. Möchtest du mehr als ein Member sein? Komm in unser Team! Sag uns im Teamspeak 3 warum du "unbedingt " in unser Team möchtest. Außerdem kannst du unseren Server unterstützen, indem du für den VIP Rang spendest! Wir freuen uns schon auf dich!21 Dec 20151
quitter.clsysadminadministracion14 Apr 20162
neterarti.furtherfield.orgartsmeshArtsmeshLive Network Performance on high speed networks.20 Jan 20164
neterarti.furtherfield.orgideasforneteratiideas for neterati developmentsWhere users can discuss & work on how to further develop Neterati...20 Jan 20161
neterarti.furtherfield.orgm4k310v3n074r7Make Love Not ArtMake love, not art.19 Jan 201610
neterarti.furtherfield.orgtTechnology19 Jan 201622
neterarti.furtherfield.orgtransmedialetransmedialeTo arrange a meet-up at transmediale1 Feb 20160
gs.smuglo.liboatsKantai Collection6 May 201612
gs.smuglo.licakecakeDelicious cake, you must eat it.29 Apr 20165
gs.smuglo.lidtstreamdtluna's dank stream@dtluna's audio stream Anime OSTs, progrock/progmetal, thrash and heavy metal, dank memes12 Aug 201616
gs.smuglo.liecchiEcchiHome of ecchi - pictures of anime girls featuring either sexy clothing or nudity without sex.16 Mar 201619
gs.smuglo.lielvesElvesCool SFW elf pictures4 Apr 201617
gs.smuglo.liflatis justice21 Apr 201622
gs.smuglo.lifluffyFluffy/Messy HairFluffy and messy hair, keep it 2D.2 Mar 201620
gs.smuglo.lifutaFutanariFor futa, newhalfs, and such!17 Mar 20166
gs.smuglo.liglitchGlitchGlitch art.28 Jun 20164
gs.smuglo.lihentaiHentaiFor all your drawn NSFW needs16 Mar 201612
gs.smuglo.lihpmcHappiness and Peace of Mind CommitteeAre you doing your duty?21 Apr 201611
gs.smuglo.liidgiI Don't Get ItThings we do not get.19 Apr 20162
gs.smuglo.liillyanetThe IllyaNetThe IllyaNet is a collection of all the Illyas accross the federation (and users who interact with them if they feel so inclined to join).2 Jun 201645
gs.smuglo.lijpopJ-pop(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ J-pop, anime OSTs etc.3 May 20165
gs.smuglo.limahjongRiichi mahjong‘Ron’ – said I with a posed look.3 May 20165
gs.smuglo.limetallicaMetallicaGroup for Metallica band fans22 Jul 20163
gs.smuglo.limonstergirlsMonster GirlsShare your love and passion for these girls. Keep it 2D. NSFW allowed.5 Jun 201612
gs.smuglo.liopenraOpenRAOpenRA is an open-source reimplementation of Westwood’s Command & Conquer: Red Alert game engine, updated to use the hardware acceleration of modern video cards using OpenGL and cross-platform positional sound built upon OpenAL. It runs on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X.10 Apr 20163
gs.smuglo.lioppaiAnime Boobs1 Apr 20161
gs.smuglo.lipokemonPokémonAll things Pokémon, all generations and variations welcome (well except Pokémon Go). For the love of God try to maintain it SFW.30 Oct 20162
gs.smuglo.liprogrockProgressive rock and metalProgressive rock and metal group2 Mar 201612
gs.smuglo.liredumbrellaRed umbrellaSuddenly, commies, thousands of them!4 May 20168
gs.smuglo.liretrowaveRetrowave/synthwave/outrun22 Mar 201615
gs.smuglo.lirule34Rule 34If it exists, there's porn of it16 Mar 20166
gs.smuglo.lismugfacesmugfaceSmug faces go here28 Feb 201631
gs.smuglo.listickersStickersStickers for laptops and other stuff14 Mar 20169
gs.smuglo.listockingsStockings and knee socksSexy and lewd images of girls in stockings and knee socks Please don't post pictures where I can see titties and/or pussy, cause I just want the light erotic pictures here.29 Feb 201634
gs.smuglo.litentacleTentacle HentaiFor all slimy, slippery, penetrating appendages17 Mar 20163
gs.smuglo.litestgroup2016undefined29 Jul 20162
gs.smuglo.litestgroup2017kill.me29 Jul 20162
gs.smuglo.litestsmugundefined19 Jul 20161
gs.smuglo.litestsmug2undefined19 Jul 20161
gs.smuglo.liyuriYuriPurest Love17 Mar 201618
2mb.socialmudsMultiUser DungeonsA group to discuss and post on everything to do with MUDs (multi user dungeons).13 Feb 20165
2mb.socialsonargnulinuxSonar GNU/Linux News and DiscussionNews, user help, and discussion of Sonar, a GNU/Linux distribution optimized for users who are blind or who have visual challenges. Live images include support for users of braille and text-to-speech, enabled at startup.14 Apr 20164
freezepeach.xyzabcundefined7 Mar 20161
freezepeach.xyzcostanzaGeorge CostanzaThings relating to George Costanza.28 Oct 20161
freezepeach.xyzeducateyourselfEducate Yourself FaggotTeach yourself shit nigga, and teach others if you know shit. Also post useful shit for other people. I have steadily been growing more interested in self teaching and self betterment (I feel the term 'self improvement' is full of faggotry so I try not to use it). Share books, Share knowledge, etc.3 Mar 201615
freezepeach.xyzfreedomThe United States of AmericaFor American memes, patriotic posts. Shouldn't be taken seriously3 Mar 20168
freezepeach.xyzfzpstaffStaff For FreezePeachThis is a group of staff members of FreezePeach. Contact them if there's something around that's not supposed to be, keep their secondary contact info handy so if the site is down you can contact them to get it back up.23 Feb 20161
freezepeach.xyzgamingGamingA gaming group to discuss gaming and post gaming related screenshots Be mindful of FreezePeach and your own server's rules when posting3 Mar 201610
freezepeach.xyzmidskillerundefinedWe are midskilled11 Feb 20160
freezepeach.xyzprojthoriumundefined19 Feb 20160
freezepeach.xyzrkbaThe Right to Keep and Bear ArmsThe having of arms for defense is an extension of the natural right of resistance and self-preservation. And as A. E. van Vogt put it,"The right to buy weapons is the right to be free"24 Feb 20163
freezepeach.xyzscrubquotesundefinedSee a scrub post a scrub. Post and salt and stupidity you've seen (or received) from scrubs.26 Feb 20160
freezepeach.xyzshitpostersanonymousShitposters AnonymousWhat the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.14 Feb 20167
freezepeach.xyztestgrouptest groupkii is dumb14 Feb 20160
freezepeach.xyztrapsTrapsA group for posting anime traps and cosplaying traps (No IRL trans/trap unless it's cosplay related) Be mindful of FreezePeach and your own server's rules when posting2 Mar 20165
freezepeach.xyzvoluntaryismVoluntaryismVoluntaryism is a very simple moral philosophy – it is the basic proposition that all human interaction should be directly consensual. Voluntaryism rejects the initiation of force in all its various forms including physical violence, threats of violence, theft, bullying, slavery, rape, murder, etc. However, unlike Pacifism, Voluntaryism does not bar the victim of coercion from responding in a strictly self-defensive manner.12 Jun 20162
freezepeach.xyzwaifuWaifu ClubPost pictures of your waifu here16 Feb 201638 admin team
community.highlandarrow.compostactivpostActiv user groupThe user and sysadmin group for postActiv, where fediverse members can discuss this gnu social fork!31 May 201613
community.highlandarrow.comstaffHighland Arrow StaffStaff of Highland Arrow3 Feb 20161
gnusocial.redextremewheelsExtreme Wheels Club7 Sep 20151
gnusocial.redhurricanecomputingHurricane ComputingHurricane Computing IT Specialists11 Oct 20152
gnusocial.redpunkpunkGrupo de gente.5 Sep 20152
gnusocial.redsysadminSysadmin GroupThe monkeys turning behind the walls...5 Sep 20152
elparque.faccionlatina.orgcineadictoscineadictos28 Oct 20161
elparque.faccionlatina.orgcomunidaddelpororoLa comunidad del pororó28 Oct 20161
elparque.faccionlatina.orgculturalibrefaccionCultura Libre FacciónEspacio de construcción e intercambio sobre temáticas relacionadas a cultura libre, tecnologías libres, hacker, etc.1 Oct 201538
elparque.faccionlatina.orgguatemalaGUATEMALAGuatemaltecos y Guatemaltecas en el Parque4 Jun 20157
elparque.faccionlatina.orgsolidaridadlatamSolidaridad en red con LatinoamericaGrupo para llamar y atender a la solidaridad entre los países de Latinoamérica8 Jun 201523
elparque.faccionlatina.orgwebfaccionWeb FacciónGrupo creado para abordar las discusiones y situaciones que surjan relacionadas a la web faccionlatina.org5 Oct 20159
shitposter.club3dpd3DPD3D Perfect Damsels - for the fight against the 2D menace.10 Jun 20167
shitposter.clubaaAutism Awareness15 Feb 20161
shitposter.clubabcabcabc7 Mar 20161
shitposter.clubanipicsAnime PicsPost anime pics here. Tag NSFW images as such.12 Sep 20163
shitposter.clubbankyim17 Feb 201624
shitposter.clubbigguysundefinedOh, you think baneposting is your ally, you merely adopted the baneposting. We were born in it, moulded by it.11 Feb 20166
shitposter.clubcryptocurrencyCryptocurrencyDiscussion of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology24 Apr 201615
shitposter.clubdanieldamn22 Feb 20161
shitposter.clubdreamIs this all just a16 Feb 20162
shitposter.clubfishposterblubfishposter.blubFor postan fish8 May 20166
shitposter.clubfrideyFridey NightIt's fridey night22 Jul 20163
shitposter.clubgoknbaim19 Feb 20164
shitposter.clubgoknbankyim21 Feb 20161
shitposter.clubgoldGNU Social GOLDGOLD members get exclusive GNU Social benefits.17 Feb 201610
shitposter.clubhdmcHeartache and Depression Manifest CommitteeHappiness is for the few. Feels are for all.6 May 201610
shitposter.clubhellHelp, I'm trapped in an existential hell15 Feb 20161
shitposter.clubhoagiesbring me those17 Feb 20168
shitposter.clubimgoknba19 Feb 20161
shitposter.clubkingThe King of shitposter.clubRoyalty15 Feb 20164
shitposter.clubmarketingMarketing GeniusesThis is a group dedicated to the craft of marketing15 Feb 20160
shitposter.clubmemehellMeme HellMother fucke14 Feb 20161
shitposter.clubmemesundefinedmeme posters only!21 Feb 20165
shitposter.clubmlemonpartyMlemon.partyLizerds7 Jul 20164
shitposter.clubmlgMLG Montage Parodies15 Mar 20161
shitposter.clubmoodMoodMusicPost Music that defines your Mood15 Oct 20162
shitposter.clubmweeChaika Faces20 Apr 201611
shitposter.clubpokemongoPokemon GOAn augmented reality game where you catch pocket monsters.24 Jul 20163
shitposter.clubricingRicing19 Apr 20163
shitposter.clubsedseds/said/sed/g25 Apr 20162
shitposter.clubshibeposterclubshibeposter.clubpost doggo24 Jul 20161
shitposter.clubstemScience, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics28 May 201611
shitposter.clubsundayanimeSunday AnimeAnime on Sunday night.24 Jul 20166
shitposter.clubtesttesttest1 Mar 20161
shitposter.clubtestprivateTest Private8 Mar 20162
shitposter.clubtwintailsTwintailsThe most moe hairstyle ever.6 Apr 201613
shitposter.clubutahutahutah12 Sep 20166
shitposter.clubwallpapersWallpapersBeautiful wallpapers. (Please keep things SFW)28 Mar 201615
quitter.noaacppugÅrhus C++ User GroupA group for C++ interested people in Århus, Denmark and the local area5 Nov 20161
quitter.noaltrightAlt-RightNews and matters related to the Alternative Right aka Alt-Right political and cultural phenomenon.4 Sep 20160
quitter.noartundefinedA group for sharing and discussing art.31 May 20152
quitter.noayudaSoporte en Español de Quitter17 Jan 20159
quitter.nobibleHoly BibleAll things related to the comprehension, appreciation, and application of the Bible.31 Dec 201412
quitter.nobookrageBooksAnything about [e-]books.30 Nov 20147
quitter.noburmaWe love BurmaFor all those fascinated by the country of Myanmar/Burma30 Aug 20161
quitter.nochupipandiChupipandi17 Jan 20157
quitter.nocommonlispCommon LispProgrammable Programming language17 Jun 20164
quitter.nocricketCricketCricket, lovely cricket! Everything about your favourite sport!2 Dec 201410
quitter.nodenantesmortosqueescravosDenantesMortosQueEscravos18 Jan 20151
quitter.nodpwDepartment of Public Works - Black Rock City24 Jun 20150
quitter.nodrachenlorddrachenlolRainer Winkler 1510 Emskirchen in Altschauerberg16 Feb 20161
quitter.nodrupalDrupalDrupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world.7 Nov 20151
quitter.noextremenosExtremeños: regionalismo siglo XXILugar en quitter para opinar sobre Extremadura y su futuro18 Jan 20152
quitter.nofellowshipFellowship of FSFEThe Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a charity that empowers users to control technology. This groups is for all friend of FSFE to discuss and share Free Software and FSFE related topics.16 Aug 201543
quitter.noficheosLiga de Fichas26 Jan 20153
quitter.nofilomargisundefinedFilósofxs marginadxs del resto de grupos de filósofxs20 Jan 20153
quitter.noflashfictionFlash FictionA place to post original flash fiction - small pieces of fiction, as long as will fit in a post! Post your own only, or with permission and mention the author. Racist, sexist, ableist, homo/transphobic, etc. not welcome. Apr 20161
quitter.noflefosFrançais comme Langue ÉtrangèrePour tous ceux qui s'intéressent à l'apprentissage ou à l'enseignement du Français comme Langue Étrangère.18 Jan 20153
quitter.nofossFree and Open Source Software17 Jan 201661
quitter.nofredriktestfredriktest10 Apr 20160
quitter.nogjfyGood Job, Fuck You!24 Jun 20150
quitter.nognomedesktopGNOME DesktopGroup for users and those interested in content related to GNOME.14 Feb 201628
quitter.nognusocialfrgnusocial francophonePour ceux qui préfère parler le français voici un groupe gnusocial pour utilisateurs et administrateurs.27 Nov 201432
quitter.nogroupme2Group me30 Apr 20151
quitter.noidoLinguo InternacionaLinguo Internaciona di la Delegitaro (Sistemo IDO.)21 Jul 20152
quitter.noifdInterfaith Dialogue7 Oct 20151
quitter.noindiaIndiaIndia is country that has unity in diversity. You will become confused if it is a country of same kind of people with different cultures or different kinds of people sharing the same culture.17 Jan 201521
quitter.noindiewebIndieWebThe IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the ‘corporate web’.16 Feb 20163
quitter.nojapanplusJapan PlusEl lugar del manga y anime en Quitter (GNU Social). Un sitio donde hablar del manga y el anime y de cosas relacionadas como Japón y su cultura3 Nov 20155
quitter.nokakuyomuカクヨムカクヨムユーザーのグループです。どなたでも入れます。22 Feb 20161
quitter.nolaowaiundefined22 Feb 20150
quitter.nolernezidoLernez Ido!Grupo por ti qui lernas la linguo internaciona12 Mar 201537
quitter.nolibsocLibertarian SocialismLibertarian socialism (sometimes called social anarchism, left-libertarianism, and socialist libertarianism) is a group of anti-authoritarian political philosophies inside the socialist movement that rejects socialism as centralized state ownership and control of the economy, as well as the state itself. It criticizes wage labour relationships within the workplace, instead emphasizing workers' self-management of the workplace and decentralized structures of political organization, asserting that a society based on freedom and equality can be achieved through abolishing authoritarian institutions that control certain means of production and subordinate the majority to an owning class or political and economic elite. Feb 20167
quitter.nomarxismoleninismoMarxismo-LeninismoUn grupo para hablar sobre marxismo-leninismo, debatir, aportar noticias, etc.23 Jan 20150
quitter.nomasoneriaMasoneríaConversación y publicaciones sobre masonería. Dudas, FAQ, etc.16 Jan 20153
quitter.nomedioslibresMedios LibresGrupo para ayudar a aglutinar noticias, para la coordinación, información y conocimiento de distintas iniciativas de medios de comunicación bajo control popular y participativo. (radios, televisiones, prensa tanto en formato digital como tradicional)8 Sep 20151
quitter.nometalMetalGroup for metal fans and musicians. Share bands, music, videos and news about metal music everywhere. Profile photo by Marta Løvberg.13 Aug 201525
quitter.nomicrorelatosmicrorelatosGrupo dedicado a los amantes del microrelato o microcuento.11 Aug 20161
quitter.nominekraftMinecraftMinecraft ist ein Indie Open-World-Spiel, das bis zum Jahr 2014 vom schwedischen Programmierer Markus „Notch“ Persson und dessen Firma Mojang veröffentlicht und weiterentwickelt wurde. May 20151
quitter.nominespaceSuzimiyaSyntex (möchte grösster server der welt werden) 50 slots momentan Willkommen auf dem Server Syntex! Wir sind ein kleiner netter Server mit eigentlich allem ,was wir nicht haben kommt noch so unser Motto. Auf unserer Stadt Welt kannst du dir dein eigenes Haus in der Hauptstadt oder in e inem Dorf erbauen. Außerdem haben wir eine Creativ Welt und eine Spiel Welt mit Hungergames und allem möglichen. Hast du Lust auf PvP auch das haben wir einfach in die PvP Welt hüpfen. wier haben ein Wärungsystem auf unserem server was aber nichts spezieles ist. Möchtest du mehr als ein Member sein? Komm in unser Team! Sag uns im Teamspeak 3 warum du "unbedingt " in unser Team möchtest. Außerdem kannst du unseren Server unterstützen, indem du für den VIP Rang spendest! Wir freuen uns schon auf dich!28 May 20151
quitter.nominimalismMinimalismGroup to explore ideas about minimalism as a philosophy, approach or lifestyle.8 Jan 201519
quitter.nomondlangisteyometalserfoMondlango, La most facila konstruita lango de la mondo, nova ay moderna versio de Esperanto por ciu peplo. Mondlango, The easiest constructed language of the world, a new and modern version of Esperanto for all the people.26 Jul 20152
quitter.nomondlangometalserfoThe easiest constructed language of the world, a new and modern version of esperanto for all the people.26 Jul 20150
quitter.nomurcianicosmurcianicos17 Jan 20155
quitter.nomylifeMy lifeYou want to tell us something about your life?14 Mar 20158
quitter.nonacioniaNacioniaEng: The creation of the nation Nacionia. Write in English or Ido Ido: La krearas pri suverena e autonoma naciono Nacionia. Scribez en Ido o Anglo.16 Jun 20151
quitter.nonarouなろうなろうユーザーのグループです。どなたでも入れます。22 Feb 20161
quitter.noneoruralHuerto orgánico (casero o rural)U grupo donde compartir estas cositas de la tierra, el entorno, la alimentación, etc. Empezando a plantar :)16 Mar 201614
quitter.nonixersnixersno rice no life. (this isn't official, because tmk nixers don't use gs, but if anyone from there does come here, feel free to start using this group.)21 Feb 20161
quitter.nonorgeNorgeLokalnytt for Norge og omegn.20 Oct 201416
quitter.noopensuseopenSuSE LinuxItems of interest for those using openSuSE for home computing and home servers.4 Mar 20164
quitter.noowncloudownCloud UsersThis is the place where the ownCloud community can meet to share and discuss ideas27 Jan 201655
quitter.nopluxmlpluxmlGroupe utilisateurs de pluxml2 Jan 20153
quitter.nopolandPolandSimply, about Poland || Po prostu, o Polsce30 Nov 20141
quitter.noprivatestreamPrivate TimelineThis group will talk about misc things.23 Jan 20150
quitter.noprivatestream2Private Timeline24 Aug 20150
quitter.nopruebasGrupo de pruebasGrupo para probar funcionalidades de Quitter y otras apps16 Jan 20152
quitter.nopwywPay What You WantThe group about pay-what-you-want offers.7 Dec 20142
quitter.noquitternoQuitterNoFeedback group for Ask questions, report strange behaviours (errors?) etc.5 Sep 201453
quitter.noradioslibresRadios LibresGrupo para la difusión de programas hechos desde las radios libres.30 Jan 2015134
quitter.norespectoCombo SOS Brigade Talkdiverse Content16 Feb 20162
quitter.noricingRicingTaking desktop customization to the limits.3 Mar 20168
quitter.nosovryntechSovryn TechA group for listeners of the science and tech podcast: Sovryn Tech!10 Mar 20164
quitter.notecnologiaTecnología, hardware, softwareHablamos de tecnología en general.17 Jan 20153
quitter.noterrorsuspensemisterioTerror, suspense y misterioCine, series, etc. sobre terror, suspense y misterio18 Jan 20150
quitter.notestAhmed Alrshoudi29 Apr 20152
quitter.notestingafhdasdfasfdastesttesgtintgasiofads27 Oct 20150
quitter.notftsTales From Tech SupportUpdates from your sentence in tech support jobs30 Oct 20145
quitter.notuiterillosTuiterillosProbandooooo17 Jan 20151
quitter.notuiterosTuiterosMe apetecia crear un grupo...probandooooo!17 Jan 20150
quitter.nounsalleUns alle23 Jul 20160
quitter.novdvVoces del VicioGrupete de frikis creciditos ya xD16 Jan 20151
guany.inguanyin觀音區台灣桃園市觀音區23 Dec 20151
guany.intaitung台東11 Feb 20161
guany.intaiwan台灣14 Jan 20161
guany.intaoyuan桃園市23 Feb 20161
iamover18.orgamateurAmateurAmateur pics and videos.4 Feb 20163
iamover18.organalAnalWhat what in the butt?4 Feb 20163
iamover18.organipicsAnime PicsYour #1 source for awesome SFW anime pics.25 Feb 201638
iamover18.orgasianAsianJapanese, Chinese, Korean, and all the asian beauties.11 Feb 20167
iamover18.orgassAssDat ass.4 Feb 20164
iamover18.orgbabesBabesBlondes, brunettes, gingers, and more. These women are bold and beautiful.9 Feb 201611
iamover18.orgballsBallsBalls9 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgbbcBig Black CockBig Black Cock9 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgbbwBig, Beautiful, WomenBig girls, you are beautiful!4 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgbdpBig Dick ProblemsBig Dick Problems — discussion group for guys' with big dicks and their partners to discuss various problems and issues about his "size" in and out of the bedroom.4 Feb 20161
iamover18.orgbdsmBDSMBondage & Discipline, Sado-Masochism4 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgbeardsBeardsGuys with facial hair.11 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgbearsBearsBears9 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgbiBisexualDiscussion group for bisexuals and their allies about all things bi.4 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgbjsBlowjobsSpit or swallow the choice is yours' but please no teeth, thanks!4 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgblacksDark-haired GirlsFor lovers of black-haired girls.10 Feb 20161
iamover18.orgblondesBlondesFor lovers of blonde girls.10 Feb 20167
iamover18.orgbondageBondageThis group isn't too tight, is it?4 Feb 20165
iamover18.orgbonermaterialBoner MaterialPics and vids to help raise the mast.4 Feb 20164
iamover18.orgboobsBoobsB ( . )( . ) b s4 Feb 201613
iamover18.orgbrunettesBrunettesFor lovers of brown-haired girls.10 Feb 20164
iamover18.orgbulgesBulgesThe box. The basket. The package. His bulge.4 Feb 20161
iamover18.orgbwdBig White DickBig White Dick9 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgcatgirlscatgirlsgirls with catlike features (ears, tail, etc). including but not limited to hentai7 Feb 20168
iamover18.orgcdCross-DressingDiscussion group for cross dressers and their allies.4 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgcumfetishCum FetishCum baby, cum baby, baby cum cum!4 Feb 20165
iamover18.orgcuteguybuttsCute Guy ButtsPics and vids of cute guy butts.4 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgdatgapDat Gap!Pics and videos of that magical space between a woman's thighs.4 Feb 20165
iamover18.orgdykeDykePorn for lesbians14 Oct 20161
iamover18.orgebonyEbony GirlsGroup for dark-skinned girls and their lovers.14 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgecchiEcchiPictures of anime girls featuring either sexy clothing or nudity without sex.4 Feb 201612
iamover18.orgescortsEscortsThis is a PRIVATE discussion-group for escorts. Membership is by invitation only and must be approved by a group admin.9 Feb 20161
iamover18.orgescortsgayEscorts (Gay)This is a PRIVATE discussion-group for gay escorts. Membership is by invitation only and must be approved by a group admin.9 Feb 20161
iamover18.orgfantasyFantasy HentaiHentai involving elves, orcs, and other assorted fantastical monsters16 Feb 20164
iamover18.orgfistingFisting LoversFor lovers of manual labor.7 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgforeskinForeskinThe most sensitive part of a man's anatomy.4 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgfutaFutanariFutanari is a genre of Hentai in which at least a single character possess both male and female traits.4 Feb 20166
iamover18.orggayassGay AssAsses that are probably only going to interest gay guys. :-)11 Feb 20162
iamover18.orggaysexSex (gay)Discussion group about all things sexual. (Gay)4 Feb 20163
iamover18.orggirlsgonewildGirls Gone WildGirls. Gone wild.4 Feb 20165
iamover18.orgguysfeetGuys FeetFive toes on each foot. Five toes to suck. And when that little piggy gets back from the market, maybe we'll just fuck.6 Feb 20161
iamover18.orgguysgonewildGuys Gone WildGuys. Gone wild.4 Feb 20162
iamover18.orghentaiHentaiHentai is a genre of pornography with Anime or Manga styling.4 Feb 201613
iamover18.orghungHungLength | girth = A Very Good Time6 Feb 20162
iamover18.orghunksHunksHunks6 Feb 20163
iamover18.orglbgwLady Boners Gone WildPics that will make all your lady bits tingle.4 Feb 20163
iamover18.orglesbiansLesbiansScissor sisters, before there was a Scissor Sisters.4 Feb 20165
iamover18.orglesbiansexSex (lesbian)Discussion group about all things sexual (Lesbian)4 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgmassivecockMassive CockFor those of us that are blessed, and our admirers.4 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgmasturbationMasturbationPounding the pud, jerking it, pulling ones' meat, jacking off, jo…11 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgmilfMothers I'd LikeMilfs. Drawn or otherwise.17 Feb 20165
iamover18.orgmydickThat's my dickLet's share pics of our cock. OC only, no fakes27 Aug 20161
iamover18.orgnsfwcosplayNSFW CosPlayWho isn't afraid of their imagination?4 Feb 20164
iamover18.orgo18complaintsO18 ComplaintsUse this group to post any issues or complaints you have about the site, its content, or its members.14 Feb 20161
iamover18.orgo18helpIamOver18 Help & SupportHelp & Support group for members of If you need help or assistance with anything having to do with then this is the group for you! Private messages are enabled to protect the confidentiality of the poster.3 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgo18modsModsThis is a private group for staff and moderators at Feb 20162
iamover18.orgo18requestsO18 RequestsUse this group to post any requests you might have about the site.14 Feb 20161
iamover18.orgpenisPenisThe hammer is my penis.4 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgpissingPissingWater sports & golden showers.9 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgpolyamoryPolyamoryDiscussion group about polyamory and its many facets.4 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgpregnancyPregnancyHentai and other pornography of women bearing new life16 Feb 20164
iamover18.orgpussyPussyFor lovers of all these beautiful pussies in all their shapes and forms.20 Feb 20165
iamover18.orgredheadsRedheadsFor lovers of redheaded girls.10 Feb 20164
iamover18.orgrule34Rule34Rule 34 of the Internet: If it exists, somebody's turned it into porn.4 Feb 201611
iamover18.orgrule34gayRule34 GayRule 34 of the Internet: If it exists, somebody's turned it into porn. (With a focus on gay characters and situations.)4 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgselfsuckSelf SuckingThese guys either have the length or the flexibility to suck themselves off.13 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgsexSex (hetero)Discussion group about all things sexual. (Hetero)4 Feb 20164
iamover18.orgsextoysSex ToysDiscussion group about sex toys and other personal and marital aids.4 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgtentacleTentacle HentaiFor all the slimy, slithering violating appendages16 Feb 20164
iamover18.orgtgirlsT-GirlsLadyboys, shemales, trannies, traps, chicks with dicks, dudes with boobs…4 Feb 20166
iamover18.orgtinydickTiny DickSmall guys need love too!4 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgtransgirlsundefinedlovely7 May 20161
iamover18.orgtwinksTwinksOld enough to be legal, but too hot to handle.6 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgwesternwesternErotic pictures from "western" artists (America & Europe principally)16 Feb 20167
iamover18.orgwomensfeetWomen's FeetAl Bundy may have been onto something being a woman's shoe salesman…6 Feb 20162
iamover18.orgyaoiYaoiHentai gay porn. :-)11 Feb 20163
iamover18.orgyiffyYiffyFurry porn.4 Feb 20165
iamover18.orgyuriYuriAnime girls who like to "handle" other girls.13 Feb 20168
social.gtalug.orggtalugersGTALUGersA group of GTALUG people.4 Aug 20153
social.gtalug.orghomebrewhostingtorontoToronto Homebrew Hosting Club11 Sep 20154
social.klazema.netforthundefinedAll talk about the programming language forth26 Oct 20151
micro.netzspielplatz.dejenaJena17 Jan 20142
herds.euanarchobureaucratieAnarcho-bureaucratyL'anarchie, c'est l'ordre, sans le pouvoir, mais avec des formulaires. Beaucoup de formulaires.12 Feb 20161
herds.euanarchostalAnarchostalinismeSi Makhno et Staline avaient fusionné, le résultat nous aurait rejoint. T'es pas content on t'envoie au goulag (autogéré).12 Feb 20162
herds.eufosdemFOSDEMA free and non-commercial event organized for and by the community. Its goal is to provide Free & Open Source developers a place to meet.14 Jan 201617
herds.eughostGhostGhost is a simple, powerful publishing platform that allows you to share your stories with the world.4 Jun 20153
herds.euhubzillaHubzilla francophoneHubzilla est un logiciel de publication et de communication décentralisé qui vous permet de garder le contrôle de vos besoins et de vos données.28 Oct 20162
herds.eui3i3 tiling wm14 Jan 20153
herds.euissoIch schrei sonst!A commenting server similar (yet better) to Disqus14 Jan 20152
herds.euomniromOmniROMOmni isn’t better, just different. It’s another option for the billion Android users out there.14 Jan 20152
herds.euprocrastinationProcrastinators' AssociationWe almost always get it done eventually. But tomorrow.14 Jan 20156
herds.euprosodyProsodyJabber/XMPP server14 Jan 20152
herds.euradiocampusRadio Campus BruxellesLa radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles.14 Jan 20153
herds.euscreenshotPrint ScreenSharing screenshots.14 Jan 20154
herds.eutwidereTwidereTwidere is a powerful twitter/gnusocial client for Android 1.6+.29 Jan 201620
gnusocial.netayudaanimalesayudaanimalespuedes ayudar a difundir la adopción de animales, subir animales que están desaparecidos o que se encontraron y toda la colaboración que creas conveniente1 Nov 20166
gnusocial.netfaircoopespFairCoop en castellanoLa FairCoop es una cooperativa abierta de ámbito mundial que se autoorganiza a través de Internet fuera de los límites y controles de los estados-nación.3 Nov 20167
gnusocial.netgnuqueerHacking TransmaricabollerNoticias, historias, aforismos, ejemplos de vida, tutoriales sobre hackear el heteropatriarcado tanto en la red como en las calles.30 May 20168
gnusocial.nethacktivismohacktivismoHack For Your Rights1 Aug 20163
gnusocial.netherramientaseducativasherramientaseducativasCualquier herramienta educativa de interés siempre que cumpla con los principios del software libre1 Nov 20165
gnusocial.netlibrosundefinedGrupo dedicado a los amantes de la lectura, paa conocer nuevos y interesantes libros.25 Nov 20161
gnusocial.netparabolaGNU Parabola/Linux-libreThe Parabola project is a community driven effort to provide a fully free (as in freedom) operating system that is simple and lightweight.18 Jun 201634
gnusocial.netubuntutouchUbuntu TouchComparte cualquier cosa sobre Ubuntu para plataformas móviles. Share anything about Ubuntu for mobile platforms. Partagez ce que vous voulez sur Ubuntu pour plateformes mobiles. Alias: ubuntuphone26 May 20168
gnusocial.netvideojuegosVideojuegosGrupo dedicado a hablar sobre videojuegos de todas las plataformas, nuevo, viejos, etc10 Aug 201623
social.aqeeliz.combooksBooksBooks, books and books!7 Mar 20162
social.ilikefreedom.roguitarguitar13 Jan 20152
social.ilikefreedom.roinfosecinfosecInformation security, sometimes shortened to InfoSec, is the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction.4 May 20146
social.ilikefreedom.rophptestphptestphptest27 Dec 20150
social.ilikefreedom.roratrodundefinedA car that's made out of scrap parts from multiple cars; no paint, rusty parts; looks like a junky hot rod.14 Jun 20151
social.ilikefreedom.roretrogamingretrogaming Dec 20142
social.ilikefreedom.rotorTor Project: Anonymity OnlineTor prevents people from learning your location or browsing habits.19 Oct 201434
social.mxchange.orgcitysimulationSimple City Growth SimulationA federated group around the currently being developed browser-based game "Simple City Growth Simulation" which focus not only city building but also on topics related to city growth.7 Apr 20151
social.mxchange.orgfamilyFamily Haeder/BongcaronA private group for the family Haeder/Bongcaron.22 Feb 20151
social.mxchange.orghubGeneric Object Sharing HubA node-to-node software written in PHP 5.4 (and up) to share serialized "objects" of almost any type (as long as it is registered). SSL SHA-1 fingerprint: F8:8E:60:97:27:24:66:35:D7:2F:4F:CA:24:7C:41:EC:4C:1B:5C:4C22 Feb 20152
social.mxchange.orgmailerprojectMailer-ProjectAll around the mailer project.10 Sep 20141
social.mxchange.orgmailersocialFeedback group for social.mxchange.orgThis group is for FAQ and support of instance. Please post security problems as private message.16 Jan 20152 urandomurandomUrandom Podcast! tempfixTemp Fixtemporary fix for fragdev posting issues. Join if you wish to see more of the posts from fragdevers. letsencryptLet's Encrypt progmetalFans of Progressive Metal MusicA group in which fans of progressive metal music can share recommended artists and discuss the topic. mediagoblinMediaGoblin UsersUsers of MediaGoblin photo hosting technology fcmFree Culture MediaGroup formerly known as Netizen Empowerment Federation. New name reflects exactly what we do. privatevoicesundefined oggcampOggCamp nefNetizen Empowerment FederationThe group formerly associated with NEF, which changed its name to Free Culture Media. boardgamesBoard Games videogamesVideo GamesAll type of video games on PCs, consoles etc. ubuntuUbuntuUbuntu is a free linux-based operating system. emacsemacsThe editor. baseballBaseballThe great sport. cplusplusC++ Enthusiast GroupFor discussion about the C++ language, C++ standardization, or C++ projects. backgammonbackgammonwell.... I guess this is about all things backgammon related ignoreIgnore freelyKeep calm and ignore everything dreamsDreamsShare the dreams you see while asleep (and awake) tzagTimezone Appropriate Greetings and Farewell statusnetStatusnet discussion identiverseundefined ytpoYtpo errors. Sorry, typo errors. 8-)To homage the typographical errors one can't avoid making. ccmusicCreative Commons MusicA group for music that is released under a creative commons license and podsafe duffercastduffercastdetails at outlawdarknetundefinedLinux Outlaws Darknet fragdevFragDev UsersA small group of federated users that dent from thinkpadThinkpad series of laptopsEverything related to the IBM and Lenovo thinkpad series of laptops. telegramTelegramGroup for notices related to the open source chat program Telegram. debuggingdebugging bitcoinbitcoinTopics related to bitcoin; open source peer 2 peer digital money. hsdHS-Development BVGroup for HS-Development
sn.chromic.orgdomoticsDomoticsRobotic technology for use in the home.6 Oct 20152
sn.chromic.orggitgitGit is a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows.3 Aug 201514
sn.chromic.orggogsgogsA painless self-hosted Git service17 Aug 20154
sn.chromic.orghomeautomationHome AutomationAutomation of the home, housework or household activity.6 Oct 20153
sn.chromic.orgiotInternet of ThingsNetwork of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.6 Oct 20153
sn.chromic.orglinodeLinodeGroup for Linode users and interested parties.9 Jun 20157
sn.chromic.orgmediagoblinMediaGoblinFree software media publishing platform that anyone can run.11 Dec 201514
sn.chromic.orgminecraftminecraftBreak blocks, place blocks.1 Jun 201328
sn.chromic.orgpiwikpiwikFOSS Web Analytics Software29 Aug 20136
sn.chromic.orgubiquitiUbiquiti3 Nov 20162 exposedExposed ArtArt group especially for content that is NSFW. Show your art or art you love. Keep it classy, this isn't a porn-dump mantuaMantua City mantvamantva minicraftMinicraft ServerMiniCraft läuft mit der Minecraft Version 1.10 und ist nur mit einem Premium Account besuchbar. Diskussion und Bilder orchestraundefinedorchestra music also check: !listening !piano 007undefined faircoopgroupFairCoop is an open global cooperative, self-organized via the Internet and remaining outside nation-state control. prgrupoPrueba de grupopsdifj paojfasoidjf er iaus dofiuh oiaus dofiauhs dofiah sdoidfh christoph111Erich Christoph-BorgerAround the World, the News and more aplatzundefined sverigeSverigeOm/i/från Sverige About/in/from Sweden maksemxMaksemx totaltopicTotalTopicGroup for users of the TotalTopic community aconchegoRádio AconchegoRádio Comunitária do Centro Integrado de Saúde (CIS), do Eng do Meio e Sítio das Palmeiras. Rádio para Ouvir, Rádio para Falar! kitsuneonKitsuneon Group狐ネオン toxTox ProjectTox Project Skype Replacement Groupbot: moneroxmrMonero: XMR private, digital cashMonero is a secure, private, untraceable currency. It is open-source and freely available to all. apkhostabbasDownload games and apps free here. sufansSteven Universe Super Fan ClubFor Steven Universe fans gslcoeGNU Social Liberal Church Of EmacsAn international online Liberal Church of Emacs. Started by Emacsite @gunvolt. bilderavberggruppenBilder av berg-gruppen privatkopieringsgruppenPrivatkopieringsgruppenI den här gruppen framställer vi ett eller några få exemplar av offentliggjorda verk för privat bruk. emacsesEmacs en castellanoEl único y verdadero editor mujeresundefinedGrupo de comunicación para mujeres australiaAustralia donkfestDonkey's Test Groupa test group for my private tweets gnampfGnampf icemcfICE MCF trollbaitOBVIOUS TROLLBAITJoin us now and meme the trollbait. You will cringe, hackers, you will cringe. -Drahcir Namllats, the Meme Trollbait Song gutenachrichtenGute NahrichtenIst zwischen den Katastrophenmeldungen in der Zeitung eine gute Neuigkeit? Dann wollen wir sie sehen! Bitte hier teilen. socionicsSocionicsSocionics is a model of interpersonal interaction based on patterns of information selection and processing. schemeScheme Programming LanguageScheme is a statically scoped and properly tail recursive dialect of Lisp that stresses conceptual elegance and simplicity. edgeEdgeE D G E scarystoriesScary StoriesA place for people to share creepypasta, true scary encounters, and supernatural experiences respectoCombo SOS Brigade Talkdiverse, deutsch. talk in german language only drachenlodNjus aus der Rainer Winkler SchanzeDie aller neusten njus von DracheN, gewelt und ausgesucht / Säriuase ! evilcorposEvil Corporations (not really)News on million-dollar corpos who don't care about you skeletonsskeletonsskeleton group touhouprojecttouhouprojecta group dedicated to Team Shanghai Alice's 2D shoot 'em ups, print works & other official media within the series. voidlinuxVoid LinuxGNU Social group for users of Void Linux dmcDevil May CryA group for fans of the Devil May Cry game series (including DmC). osomatsusanおそ松さんThe 2015 sequel of Osomatsu-kun, in time for Fujio Akatsuka's 80th birthday. nekoatsumeねこあつめNeko Atsume is an iOS and Android mobile phone game designed by the Japanese developer Hit-Point. donedoneAnnounce and show what you have accomplished oncelersonceler discussion grouphere we talk about oncelers iconiciconicsiconics only lovetodiewelcome to hell! welcome to hell! welcome to hell! welcome to heits fucking lit baseballBASEBALL!! thequitterassemblyQuitter Assembly bestofquitterBest of QuitterJoin this so your homies knows who da man is aryanimeQuitter Anime Nazis twittercrewthe twittr crew animeavatarsAnime Avatarsscum to America nixersNixersGroup dedicated to *nix systems and making them look good memermemersmemers memersAneiDorumemers and fam javaJavaJava development, Java SE, EE etc, languages on JVM, Scala, Groovy, JRuby etc. koduprogramlingvoj kaj tradukilojPri tradukiloj, tradukĉenoj, esperantaj programlingvoj kaj esperanto. calcalendarioEvents calendar→publish events with the tags !cal or !calendary || Calendario de eventos→publica tus eventos con los tags !cal o !calendario pasmallzPhila Smalls mkugdm1MK大学GDMTest using a quitter feed for in-class exchange and feedback ruhrgebiergeRuhrgebiergefor users affiliated with the Ruhr Logo: "Himmelstreppe" auf der Halde Rheinelbe | Foto: Michael / Eichental über flickr via CC BY-ND 2.0 nrwNordrhein-WestfalenUser Group for Nordrhein-Westfalen ttiptppEverything concerning Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Trans-Pacific PartinershipI thought of this group to share everything related to TTIP and TPP nixosNixOS, the purely functional GNU/Linux distributionGroup for discussing Nix, Nixpkgs, NixOS, NixOps, Hydra, DisNix and other related technologies. lapirataLatinoAmerica Pirata¡Bem-vindas(os) à casa das(os) piratas latinoamericanas(os)! nihongo日本語の友達 - Friends of the Japanese LanguageFor everyone who likes the Japanese Language. kowalskiKowalski Programming LanguageThe Kowalski Programming Language newsgroup. mintLinux MintImma fill dis out later. ehesklavenHOTWIFES & CUCKOLDSFLR & TPE 24/7 Ehesklaven mit KG u. Keyholder tzigTime Zone inappropriate GreetingsFor Greetings that are not Time Zone appropriate gendersecgendersecTools and tactics fow women online and offline security islamIslamA group for Muslim GNU Social users. rpcrewGNU Social Roleplaying CrewWe are a play-by-post RP group. All original content is available CC-BY-SA freepostfreepostThe online forum that runs on free software gsrpcrewGNU Social Role Playing CrewA group for role playing post-by-post. All original content is CC-BY-SA 4.0 aflossaudiovisualFLOSSAudiovisual Free Libre Open Source Software related posts ||| Post relacionados con software libre de edición audiovisual netneutralityNetNeutrality!NetNeutrality es el principio que hace posible que desde cualquier punto de internet accedas libremente a cualquier otro punto hugboxMuh HugboxIntended to be a "safe space", almost always turns into a circle-jerk of forced consensus. metalangMetaLangCell-based, Hybrid and General Purpose Programming Language thenewgroupit's a new group povintPoverty InternationalNews. Solidarity. Resistance. hartzivHartzIVWiderstand gegen die Agenda 2010 wposmpluginWP OSM PluginWordPress, OpenStreetMap, OpenSeaMap, OpenLayers 3 duckylangduckyLangSimple cell-based scripting language. chileChileComunidad de usuarios de Software Libre Chilenos :) meshnetworkingThe Mesh Networking ClanAll about mesh networking. anarchismanarchismIf you could change anything, what would you change? convergenceConvergence Citoyenne pour la Transition ÉnergétiqueLézan c'était en 2011, mais partout fleurissent des initiatives citoyennes pour la transition énergétique et la préservation du climat violetcyberbrigadeAnarcha Feminist Cyber Army ForumThis is a meeting point, from where we can discus and coordinate actions and share information and experience. gamedevGame developmentTalk about computer game development, indie, homebrew and any other piratasbrasilPIRATAS BrasilPIRATAS - Partido Pirata no Brasil maliolangMalio Programming LanguageMalio is a simple programming language that just makes sense. No confusing stuff. slackslackrecording subgenius action! felixlangThe Felix Programming Language ProjectThis is the GNU Social group for the Felix Programming Language project. We have a mailing list too, just email . fpensFountain Pens younowYounow StreamYouNow is the best way to watch and broadcast interactive live stream videos. Discover talented broadcasters and chat live with people ... test456lel lelkekzThis is a test radiosyslRadios Comunitarias y Software Libre linguisticsLinguisticsAll things linguistic slugThe New England SLUGThe Super Linux Users Group - New England's newest mini-wanna-be-Con autodefensadigitalAuto Defensa DigitalEstamos creando un grupo para la difusión y concienciación, en un principio de activistas y no tanto, sobre la seguridad mageiaMageia LinuxMageia is a Linux computer operating system, distributed as free & open source software. Forked from the Mandriva Linux distribution. psychologypsychologyPsychology posts like the ones on Reddit. homebrewHomebrewMaking beer at home awesomeAwesomeWMawesome is a dynamic window manager for the X Window System developed in the C and Lua programming languages. vimVim text editorVim is an advanced text editor that seeks to provide the power of the de-facto Unix editor 'Vi', with a more complete feature set. brockbrockBROCKBROCK... tallerwebTaller de diseño webTaller de diseño web con Software Libre peliculaPeliculasFanáticos del buen cine. Acción, Comedia, Terror, Drama, Suspenso, etc, etc. papeoPapeo¡¡A comer!! ccsd15Chemnitzer CSD moviesPeliculasFanáticos del buen cine. Acción, Comedia, Terror, Drama, Suspenso, etc, etc. coffeeCafé para todosPara todos quienes disfrutamos de un Café por la mañana. nanopoemaNanopoemasPoemas em português, escritos em redondilhas. Poemas completos em 128 caracteres balkanbalkan area membersraja iz ex-yu na jednom mjestu. grupa za povezivanje ljudi iz regije i dijaspore politicastPoliticastPodcast de notícias e opinião sobre notícias e o mundo. Política faz parte da vida! beercyclingBeercyclingBecause if there is something better than a good beer is a good beer after a good cycling route. ubuntuptUbuntu-ptMembros da Comunidade Ubuntu de Portugal bookrecommendationsWhat should I read next?Book recommendations! When recommending books also give a small motivation and the name of the author. activismundefined ubuntuUbuntu Linux Users Group anglophonesEnglish-speakers of GNU SocialFor people looking for English-speakers to follow and chat with. thinkpadIBM ThinkpadThe professional's choice for laptop. No frills, just business. knittingKnittingSticks 'n' string - but we're open to other fibre arts too. brBrasilGrupo para assuntos relacionados ao Brasil. nonmonogamyNon-monogamy and polyamory ukUnited KingdomStuff related to the UK. nonbinaryNonbinary and GenderqueerFor people who are (or are interested in) genders outside of the "only male/female all the time" binary. softwarelibresoftwarelibre awwwCute ThingsThings which are cute. cervezaCervezaReivindicando el placer de disfrutar de una buena cerveza. artsArts on QuitterA group to post, promote, recommend, discuss... all about Art/s! crowbarCrowbar Development TeamWe make Free Software. We make software that respects the user's freedoms. sndesignDesign of FOSS social networksGroup for the discussion of software architectures for social networking in Free Software, particularly for GNUsocial lutenblagundefined buddiesundefined zoneDe un lugar mejor cocinillasCocinillasCompartiendo el placer de la cocina en el fediverso | Discusiones con enjundia en ccmusicCreative Commons MusicMusic licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows at least free presonal listening, as in Jamendo. toxhispanoComunidad Hispana de ToxPara promocionar y soportar el uso de tox en español climbingquitter.seClimbing lovers... portuguesGrupo dos falantes do portuguêsGrupo dos falantes (e escritores) do português. gatetesGatetesUn grupo para hablar solo de gatos y subir fotos de gatos progrockProgressive RockProgressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Post-Rock, Rock-In-Oppsition (RIO) and similar music lugcasertausa analizza modifica condividiLugManzoni progetto POF gruppo di utilizzatori GNU/Linux con sinergica associazione LugCaserta per percorrere sentieri liberi assieme ... voicesundefined testprivgroupundefinedprivate test group created by @mcscx privatevoicesundefined emptyGroupYou find an empty group, edit it its all for you. saturdayEventsSunday, one of seven groups established to report events. freyEventsFrey, one of five groups established to report events. (Aliases wont work if you are in a not federated group). expertExpertmodeAsking here... you have a 2% more possibilities to be answered by an expert. Danger is real, fear is a choise. wedEventsWed, one of five groups established to report events. (Aliases wont work if you are in a not federated group). tuesEventsTues, one of five groups established to report events.(Aliases wont work if you are in a not federated group). taxiundefinedGrupo de taxistas ecuadorEcuador,mitad del mundoDesde la mitad del mundo para Quitter centralundefined astronomiaAstronomiaLugar de charla sobre astronomía. monEventsMon, one of five groups established to report events. (Aliases wont work if you are in a not federated group). folletisLos folletisSi eres un folleti.. Ven pa ka follemosVota Follemos¿Harto de tanto corrupto y capitalismo? Llegaste al partido politico mas anticonceptivo eicdevETSINF C Developersuniversidad politécnica de valencia Escuela técnica superior de Informática grupo C DEVelopers eicdETSINF C DevelopersEscuela Técnica Superior de INFormática Desarrolladores del grupo C bierzoBierzoquittersGrupo creado por @bierzoquitters para compartir y charlar sobre las cosas que pasan en la comarca del #Bierzo (España). ibierzoBierzoquittersGrupo creado por @bierzoquitters para compartir y charlar sobre las cosas que pasan en la comarca del #Bierzo (España). ibierzoquittersBierzoquittersGrupo de usuarios de Quitter en la comarca del #Bierzo. musicaonlineMúsica OnlineGrupo para compartir y conocer buena música. logiamozartLogia Mozart music(((dO..ob)))Share songs and playlists that can appeal to users. music group. Aliases don't work in the not federated instances. aragonesesAragonesesPara gente de Aragón. edit2Edit meEdit my animeAnime & MangaGrupo dedicado a todos los interesados en el anime y/o similares. ukuleleUkuleleLearning from others sharing what we know about this instrument. contrainfoundefinedGroup related to counter information issues. Grupo acerca de cuestiones contrainformativas. tokiponaToki ponaToki Pona is a minimal language. Like a pidgin, it focuses on simple concepts and elements that are relatively universal among cultures. madridCultura y ocio (nada de fútbol)Todo lo relativo a Madrid ocio y cultura, novedades lugares de moda... empleoEmpleoPara agrupar personas que estén buscando empleo. msxusersMSX UsersGrupo para usuarios de MSX / Group for MSX users meestoyquittandodetwitterme estoy twitterpara los que busquen alternativas a los poquitos caracteres de toda la vida mlMarxismo-LeninismoGrupo para compartir información y debatir en base a los principios del marxismo leninismo. sportsonlineSports OnlineStreaming live sports links novatosNovatos en GNU/social o QuitterGrupo de ayuda a recién aterrizados en GNU/social y el sistema de federación de nodos. catalaParlants de catalàGrup per a parlants de llengua catalana d'arreu del món. Digueu-li català o valencià. vdvVoces del VicioGrupete de frikis creciditos ya xD spainGrupo de usuarios de EspañaCon un 0% de censura! vendococaCoca CaraLugar de encuentro para jóvenes. Charlar, debatir, vida sana. BENDICIONES. p2pP2PP2P: commoners experiences and activities about technology and Free/Open knowledge public policys for the commons. hacktivismoHacktivismo feminismoFeminismoFeminismo iglesiadelgrancthulhuIglesia del Gran CthulhuPh'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. cinnamondeCinnamon Desktop EnvirnomentCinnamon is a GTK+ 3-based desktop environment. The project originally started as a fork of the GNOME Shell mateMATE Desktop EnvironmentMATE DE is the continuation of GNOME 2. Under active development to add new technologies while preserving a traditional desktop experience. indonesiaundefined eishockeyEishockeyGruppe für Eishockeyteams und -fans aller Ligen investigativeleInvestigative LeipzigKommste rein - kannste raus gucken diypunkDIY punk musicHC/punk, crust, grindcore, thrash, powerviolence, noise, sludge, oi!, ska - only DIY scene! fixieFixed GearGroup for all fixed gear maniacs! rubyRubyFor users, learners, friends of the Ruby programming language. hardwarehardwareComputer hardware in general. Visit also !openhardware: More: 31c331. Chaos Communication CongressThe 31st Chaos Communication Congress (31C3) is an annual four-day conference on technology, society and utopia. watchingWatchingaliases: ' movie, series, video, watching ' also related: tv shows - cause isnt available (original group place) minecraftMinecraftMinecraft von Mojang musicmondayMusic MondayWeekly serendipities, recommendations, favorite and forgotten songs. No "playlists" or "listening", please. :-) sadongundefined test998undefined test999undefined voxelandsVoxelandsThe Fun-Focused Free Software Voxel World Game investorjpundefined zwynformation#zwynformationwe love to zwynform you!!! 42Forty-TwoIhr kennt die Antwort undwasistmitdenmaennernundwasistmitdenMaennerndas ist die Gruppe für gestandene Männerrechtler und Mansplainer evolutionEvolutionNews & debates about evolution in biology lwazLahme Witze alternder Zyniker_innen piratenloungePiraten Lounge vogelundefinedInfos über Wildvögel, Vogelhaltung,Stories und mehr firstaidFirst AidGruppe zum Diskutieren rund um Erste Hilfe. This is a group related to First Aid. queeratenQueeratenProfilschärfung der Piratenpartei in Sachen des Themenkomplexes Menschen- und Bürgerrechte in der LGBTIQ-Community. auchmanegruppemachenwollenundefinedAuchmanegruppemachenwollen ist eine Gruppe die Auchmanegruppemachenwollem flughundeFlughundeDie treuesten fliegenden Freunde des Menschen. hundeHundeDie treuesten Freunde des Menschen. anonymousdeutschlandAnonymousDeutschlandAnonymousDeutschland thwTechnisches HilfswerkGruppe zum Austausch rund um das Technische Hilfswerk (THW). This is a group related to the German Federal Agency For Technical Relief. nowplayingNowplayingMusik die gerade läuft. kekseGebt mir Kekse und niemand wird verletzt! thedoctorDoctor WhoWhovians on Quitter dstestDontSwitch TestgruppeTest mrincredibleUnglaubliche Gruppe eures SuperheldenUnglaubliche Gruppe eures Superhelden Mal schauen wen wir hier reinstecken werden! berlininfos aus und für berlinis klar, wa? 7Haruhi SuzimiyaMinecraft & Anime :3 singgruppeundefinedthis is singgruppe. it gruppes sing. kekstherapieKekstherapiesitzungsraumDie Gruppe für alle, die gerne Kekffe effen. Kliffee ift willkommen, Kaffee pfringt jeder felbft mipf. grundeinkommenohnegeldGrundeinkommen ohne GeldDas bGE verstehen geht viel besser, wenn erstmal die Idee "ohne Geld" gedacht wird. Das Grundeinkommen ist schon lange mein Thema.:D zwyphonezwyPhonealles rund ums handy zwykipediaZwykipediazwyback's enzyKLOpädie des unnützen wissens zwynewzzwyNewzzwyback's news zwytvzwyTVdas guckt zwyback im tv ... neuwiedNeuwiedam Rhein witzeWitzeDie wohl lustigste Gruppe hier auf Quitter :D kaffeeKaffeeKaffee, ja das ist unser Element. So ganz ohne wird der halbe Tag verpennt. katzenKatzenWe <3 Katzen. Oder: Katzen regieren die Welt und wir unterwerfen uns ihnen nur um zu überleben. crazychickonsVerrückte unter sichVerrückte, Einhörner, Spinner und auch Flauschis - hier ist euer Zuhause! Wir halten zusammen!!! Kommt und macht die Welt verrückter :-) blickwinkelblickwinkel#Freifunk - #Störerhaftung - #OffeneNetze exilTwitterexilFür Flüchtlinge von drüben (“!“ So muss es nicht jeder lesen) flauschFlausch-Eckeflausch and hugging antifaAntifaQueets von antifaschistischer Theorie und Praxis bananaBanana Group profeminismusProFeminismus / AllyMännliche Privilegien/Dominanz reflektieren/aufbrechen | Gegen Sexismus u Männerbündelei nicht nur auf quitter | vernetzen/austauschen illuminatiIlluminatiGeheim austriaLand der BergeÖsterreichische Twitteria GmbH frankfurtFrankfurt proasylRefugeesWelcomeInfos zum Kampf der Refugees, um ihre Rechte. rmundefined geheimgruppegang geheime gruppesehr geheim majestictwelveThe Majestic 12 fotobegeisterteundefined katholischKatholisch anarchismuslibertäre Ideen und GedankenDenken, diskutieren, vernetzen, austauschen, aufklären .... marriedMarried singleSingleI am single. singlesSinglesUser in this group are singles. bitcoinBitcoinDiscussion about bitcoin. ligaDie Liga.Die einzige und einzig wahre. ldbgLdbGDie Liga! bayesBayesian statisticsGroup for Bayesian statistics and modelling. machinecoinMachinecoin#Machinecoin. Free and decentralized peer-to-peer #cryptocurrency. It's not just a coin. It's a movement. nodosibericosNodos hibericos de redes libresGrupo para impulsar servidores de redes sociales libres en la península ibérica marmiteMarmiteThere are two types of people: people who love Marmite and people who are wrong. verschluesselungVerschlüsselung#TrueCrypt #LUKS #TextSecure #Threema #Surespot #Chatsecure #OTR #GnuPG #PGP #S/MIME #AES in German and English prestashopPrestashop ecommerceDiscusion, entraide autour de prestashop. Groupe principalement francophone vinylVinylLP, EP, single, maxisingles etc. Recordings on vinyl. 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm. amayaosAmayaOSAmayaOS or AmayaUNIX is a new x86 Unix-like Operating System write on C++. 100% Free Software. diasporadiaspora* en españolLa comunidad en español de diaspora*, la red social Libre y de código abierto, ya tiene su grupo en Quitter. :) verbotenundefined xubuntuxubuntuXubuntu is an elegant and easy-to-use operating system. Xubuntu comes with Xfce. ninjatasticninjamumsigt ttrssTiny Tiny RSS yaicsYaicsA simple GNU social client developed in Qt. kiwiKiwi's on the FediverseAnything to do with New Zealand, including politics, Internet governance issues, Kiwiana, Te Ao Māori, rugby. oaOpenArenaOpenArena is a free and open source first-person shooter (FPS) computer game based heavily on the Quake III Arena-style deathmatch. gimpGIMPNews and questions about free graphical software GIMP. In English or German language. quotesQuotation Group"[...] repetition [...] part of another one, particularly [...] well-known attributed [...] original [...] with quotation marks" questionQuestions GroupNeed help with something? Maybe someone here knows the answer. also checkout !advice group amAlternative MediaGroup about alternative, investigative, apolitical media/sources jazzJazz music pystatusnettestinggroupPyStatusNetTestingGroupTesting group for @darksider3 s statusNet-Bot poemPoetryIf you know a good poem or verse (& maybe even a source link for the full text) contribute! blenderBlenderShare your experiences/works/thoughs/problem about Blender! fedoraThe Fedora ProjectDiscuss the Fedora Project and its GNU/Linux distribution pythonPythonA meeting point for researchers, programmers and newbies on the Python language and its libraries and uses. googleGoogleAnything related to Google. You may also want to sub to !googlefree at lexiconundefined ratherWould you ratherChoose between two choices. Choicingly cccChaos Computer ClubThe Chaos Computer Club is a galactic community, which campaigns globally for the freedom of information and communication. mathMathematic socialismSocialismSocialism is common ownership. This means the resources of the world being owned in common by the entire global population. drunkdentsDrunk DentsWhen you've had a few and you begin to accuse a pal of inadvertently giving away your login credentials. melbourneMelbourne, Australia nostalgiaNostalgiaYe olden days teatesttest tea grouptest group for people having problems joining the tea group yesterday created teateaOpen group for all matters of tea freegamingFree GamingFree/Libre and Open Source video games enthusiasts firefoxosFirefoxOSFirefox' mobile operating system for the open web. horsesHorsesThings that gallop. catscatsfuzzy things that eat and poop androidprivacyAndroid PrivacyPrivacy issue: How Android phones and Android apps collect data from the user & upload the info somewhere scotchScotch punkbandnamePunk Band Names enlightenmentEnlightenmentThe Desktop Environment, not the other thing. northkoreaNorth Koreaanything related to North Korea (officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea), Human Rights etc. fairphonefairphoneA group for all us becoming owner of a fairphone and/or interested in the project historyHistoryStuff that's happened fsconsFSCONSUnofficial group for people going to FSCONS, the Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit in Gothenburg, Sweden. qvitterQvitterAdd/correct translations directly at openaccessOpen AccessNews about Open Access in Science and Humanities. manjaroManjaro LinuxAll about user friendly Arch derivate Manjaro gratitudeGratitudeGratitude is a positive and healthy state of mind. Expressing thankfulness. vboxvbox [VirtualBox group hosted on]Anything related to VirtualBox. [Group named vbox to avoid name conflict w/group virtualbox on identica] serienjunkiesSerienjunkies migrationmigrationTo help track people changing StatusNet instances/hosts/etc. newunknowngroupundefined mustardMustardwell-known GNUsocial client for Android. APKs 0.3.5c & 0.4.1: censorshipCensoring and circumvention cltChemnitzer Linux-Tage 2016 wordpressWordpress buggyverseThe Buggyversebugs are pets, pets are people, people deserve to live nanowrimoNaNoWriMoNational Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing on November 1. testgrouptesting123 fediversePeople on the #SN federationA group for the people around the Statusnet federation. nannystateNanny StateRemoving your freedoms before you hurt yourself. epicwinsEpic Wins daikaijuGiant Monsters designDesignGraphics an' such podcastingPodcastingMaking of talkies, or discussion of current blogcasts. esperantoEsperantoLa internacia planlingvo de Zamenhof. canuckCanadaO Canada, eh? / Ô Canada, eh? ccCreative CommonsNews on Creative Commons, ubiquitous. lawLawLaw and Order ... freedomFreedom hackHackHack the planet! firearmsFirearmsPortable arms martialartsMartial ArtsSystems of combat dumpsterdivingFederated dumpster diversThe trash of Ostatus ddaidDon't Do As I DoPrecautionary Tales scotlandScottish 5 Star MovementIndependence and Free Internet Movement deutscherpodcastundefinedInteresting German podcasts and podcast episodes crowcrowCrow is a client application for Statusnet. any related notices are welcomed here trproper translationa place to ask others the proper translation [of a word] in another language :) humorHumor skepticsSkepticsExamining extraordinary claims & promoting science. general39general testtest transTransgenderA group for support and discussion of news and topics of interest to the transgender community. lgbtLGBTNews, discussion, and topics of interest to the greater LGBT community cookingCookingMaking of the foods parentingParentingTips, suggestions, thoughts, what have you, on raising kids to not be axe-murderers or SJWs. hikingHiking and Camping hrwHuman Rights WatchNews about events & developments menacing Human Rights. writingWriting freebsdFreeBSDFreeBSD is an advanced operating system for modern server, desktop, and embedded computer platforms. emacsEmacsThe One True Editor paleoThe Paleo DietMeans for discovering what foods work best for you, focusing on nutrient density and gut health. scummvmScummVMScummVM allows you to run classic point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. amigaosAmiga OSGroup for all versions of the Amiga OS, from 1.0 to the latest AmigaOS 4.1 morphosMorphOSMorphOS is a lightweight operating system for PowerPC systems in the tradition of Amiga OS. arosAROS Research Operating SystemAROS is a lightweight operating system, aiming at being compatible with AmigaOS at the API level, while improving on it in many areas. amigaAmigaGroup for everything related to Amiga, be it classic or NG sytems. c64Commodore 64We adore the Commodore 64! commodoreCommodoreGroup for Commodore computers, peripherals, software, etc. atheismundefined aiArtificial IntelligenceAI - Artificial Intelligence ... who slips into my robot body and whispers to my ghost?? economyEconomyIt´s always a pleasure to find something that matters. windowsMicrosoft Windows groupAny MS Windows related topics, workstation and server editions. raspberrypiRaspberryPiRaspberry Pi hard/software, usecases, troubleshooting… Also join wissenWissenschaftNeuigkeiten und Analysen zu allen Zweigen der Wissenschaft. Science Blogs, Medienmeldungen, Vorträge, Essays, justizJustizNeuigkeiten und Analysen aus deutschen Landen. Blogs, Medien: (Netz)Politik, Ökonomie, Kultur vor Gericht. Auch CH u. A solange ohne Group. justiceJusticeJustice and Injustice policePoliceEnglish or any language group on police activities anywhere. Also on Police Violence. polizeiPolizei"Die Polizei dein Freund und Helfer", Polizei-Aktivitäten, Polizeigewalt German group on Police activity iranIrananything related to Iran deutschlandDeutschlandGruppe für deutsche Statusnet-User, Nachrichten und Themen in/über Deutschland autonomousundefined footballFootball mufcManchester United Football Club logicformal and philosophical logicA group for mathematical and philosophical logic and general Gödliness. ueberwachungUeberwachungdeutsche Schwestergruppe zu !surveillance surveillanceSurveillanceBig brother is watching YOU. cyclingCyclingFor bikes, cycling, road cycling, bike commuting and all that. natureNature (federati)News on Nature (not the science mag), pollution, environment conservation, tech, ethics, activists. Evolution. Climate shift. bahnBahn-De KritikerKritik v. a. an der Deutschen Bahn AG. Ggf. weitere Eisenbahnen, S- u. U-Bahnen. Auf Deutsch! Service-Mängel, Preise, Pünktlichkeit. artArtDiscuss the world of art and other similar topics, share your art, art thoughts and inspiration photographyPhotographyVisual art, own photography and findings. News on photographers, events and photo tech. Yoü're welcome to participate. privacyPrivacyNews on privacy endangering developments around world. State or corporations as offenders. Defending our rights in the digital world. europeEurope futureNews of culture, politics and other topics seen from an european perspective. Way of life as well. Not narrowed to EU. healthHealth careNews & reports about health care, risks, costs, medical science, foodwatch, doctors. educationEducation (federati)News and useful knowledge or debate topics from educational sceneries around the world. In English. School; university; workshops. secularSecular SocietyNews of Secular humanism, naturalist, non-religious! Good without any God. androidAndroid linuxLinuxLinux anonymityAnonymityAnonymity (maybe you will also be interested in !privacy, !surveillance) kindleKindle usersKindle users across the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your paper books. achievementsAchievementsAchieve something? Or wanna to achieve? Then !achieve it! pizzaPizza time!It's always a pizza time, isn't it? epicfailEpic failsThis is a FAIL! xmppJabber and XMPP related groupEverything about Jabber/XMPP things - clients, servers, scripts, etc.
gs.sdf.orgamateurAmateur RadioHam/amateur radio on GNU social29 May 201614
gs.sdf.organonradio-+- A N O N R A D I O -+-SDF's underground streaming radio station. Jan 201652
gs.sdf.orgatarians!AtariansA group for Atari users, hackers, and fans of all the classic product lines: VCS, 800/XL/XE, 5200, 7200, ST/TT/Falcon, Lynx, Jaguar, and all the little things in-between.26 Jan 20167
gs.sdf.orgcliCommand lineCLI rocks!25 Feb 201640
gs.sdf.orgcoloradoColorado, USAMountains were made to move you.15 Feb 20162
gs.sdf.orgcomphistComputer HistoryA group for those interested in the history of computing and computers.26 Feb 201612
gs.sdf.orggopherGopherGroup for friends of the Gopher protocol (RFC 1436).29 Feb 201616
gs.sdf.orglispLISP HackersWe HACK LISP9 Mar 20164
gs.sdf.orgnethackNetHackThis is a place to discuss the rogue-like game NetHack.4 Mar 20164
gs.sdf.orgopenbsdOpenBSD - The Secure Operating SystemThe group for OpenBSD users, enthusiasts, and newbies12 Nov 20162
gs.sdf.orgrR ProjectThe R Project for Statistical Computing25 Feb 20162
gs.sdf.orgrudtestA group made for testing25 May 20160
gs.sdf.orgsandboxundefined11 Feb 20161
gs.sdf.orgsdfSDF Public Access UNIX SystemThe Super Dimension Fortress is a networked community of free software authors, teachers, librarians, students, researchers, hobbyists, computer enthusiasts, the aural and visually impaired. It is operated as a recognized non-profit 501(c)(7) and is supported by its members.22 Jan 2016108
gs.sdf.orgseveredheadsSevered Headsthat that revolves .. fans of the Australian experimental electronic group.21 Feb 20161
gs.sdf.orgshellShellbash/ksh/zsh/etc. tips and tricks.25 Feb 201620
gs.sdf.orgslackwareSlackwareThe Slackware Linux distribution28 Feb 20163
gs.sdf.orgubuntuUbuntuUbuntu is an open source software platform that runs from the cloud, to the smartphone, to all your things15 Feb 20162
social.umeahackerspace.sedevelopmentDevelopment at UmehackHere we write about projects we develop at Umeå Hackerspace.19 Feb 20161
social.umeahackerspace.seelektronikElektronik i Umeå HackerspaceFör elektronikpillandet i Umeå Hackerspace. Engelskt språk går bra.15 Oct 20137
social.umeahackerspace.sefuraFöreningen Umeå RadioAmatörerInofficiella gruppen för Radioamatörföreningen i Umeå22 May 20154
social.umeahackerspace.semakitaMAKITA OF AWESOMENESSSuch doge. So husky. Much Border Collie.5 Apr 201417
social.umeahackerspace.semappersUHCK MappersOpenStreetMappers at Umeå Hackerspace29 Aug 201416
social.umeahackerspace.seminetestPlay Minetest!Updates and info about the server running with the help of ------ 30000 ------ Welcome to Catalonia! The eternal kingdom of Mighty Cat Warriors, but beware of the lost souls of fallen warriors that appear in the moonlight...2 Jul 20146
social.umeahackerspace.semusiciansFederation of free musiciansA group for aspiring, current, past, amateur and professional musicians of all flavours.11 Jun 201416
social.umeahackerspace.seanotheruserAnother User GROUP16 Oct 20132
social.umeahackerspace.seohyeahaw yiss18 May 20141
social.umeahackerspace.setestingGNU social testing groupJust testing stuff, you're free to join as a test.5 May 20148
social.umeahackerspace.seumehackUmeå HackerspaceA hackerspace in Umeå, Sweden.1 Jan 197026
social.umeahackerspace.seumrkUmeå Modellraketklubb (UMRK)VI peppar raketer och rymdfart!27 Apr 20147
social.umeahackerspace.seworkavoidanceWork Avoidance27 May 20166
social.umeahackerspace.seworksformeWorksformeThis means it works for me, but not someone else. Sucks to be someone else.6 Nov 20144
social.umeahackerspace.sexrszExerciseLifting heavy things and putting them down again. Also biking, swimming, jogging and such.23 Jun 20144
gnusocial.de101gamers101GamersMembers of the gaming community forums.21 May 20161
gnusocial.deaplatzundefined11 Sep 20160
gnusocial.deapoundefined2 Oct 20141
gnusocial.deappsAndroidAppHier geht es um die Vor und Nachteile verschiedener Android Apps21 Sep 201412
gnusocial.dearchlinuxArch LinuxArch Linux user group12 Apr 201523
gnusocial.deaugsburgAugsburg30 Apr 20153
gnusocial.deavatareHypergridWir sind das Hypergrid!30 Jun 20163
gnusocial.deberndBerndsDer mystische Bernd11 Sep 201422
gnusocial.deblagBLAG Linux and GNUGNU/Linux distribution consisting from completely free software.25 Oct 20143
gnusocial.debodenseeBodenseeNews aus dem Bodenseeraum11 Feb 20161
gnusocial.debotsbotsyou are a bot? join us!3 Apr 20162
gnusocial.decocinaCocina¿Que estas cocinando? ¿No sabes que hacer? ¿Tienes de un ingrediente y quieres innovar? Aquí te daremos una mano. Recetas, blogs personales y tips12 Feb 20151
gnusocial.decompilingWhat's your compiler munching?Interesting tool? New code? Or just a huge workload?24 Jul 20153
gnusocial.decprogrammingC programmingA group about the C programming language. Everyone is welcome!4 Apr 20155
gnusocial.dedebianDebianThe universal operating system1 Jan 201670
gnusocial.dedevfossComunidad de desarrolladores de software libre y codigo abiertoEnseñamos como crear software libre y de código abierto16 Nov 20142
gnusocial.dedubsolutionundefined24 Feb 20160
gnusocial.defaunatiereAlles zu Tieren, ob Wild- oder Haustiere.31 Mar 20165
gnusocial.defloraplantsAlles was wächst, grünt und blüht - eben Flora im Gegenssatz zu Fauna.28 Mar 201612
gnusocial.defotografieFotografieFotogafien, Bilder14 Oct 201410
gnusocial.defreebsdEverything about FreeBSDA group for FreeBSD users, admins and everyone who is interested in this great operating system.25 Jun 20164
gnusocial.defreifunkfreifunkFreie Kommunikation in digitalen Datennetzen, öffentlich zugänglich, nicht kommerziell, im Besitz der Gemeinschaft und unzensiert.10 Sep 2014101
gnusocial.defriedenbonnundefinedDas hier ist die Organisations- Gruppe der Friedensmahnwache Bonn!13 Mar 20151
gnusocial.defuerundefined2 Jun 20161
gnusocial.defungaundefinedDie faszinierende Welt der Pilze. Von Fundorte über Bestimmung bis Rezepte und Neuigkeiten aus der Wissenschaft.18 Oct 20162
gnusocial.defutebolFutebolApaixonados por Futebol7 Feb 20162
gnusocial.degartenbauGartenbauAlles über den Gartenbau, insbesondere den Anbau von Obst und Gemüse im eigenen Garten, auf dem Balkon oder auf dem Fensterbrett10 Mar 201515
gnusocial.degaygeeksgaygeeksgay and queer nerds and geeks12 Jul 20151
gnusocial.degeocachingGeocacher auf GnuSocialErfahrungsaustausch rund um die Dosensuche Let's share experiences11 Feb 20164
gnusocial.degnusocialdeGNUSocial.deSupport group for / Support Gruppe für GNUSocial.de27 Jul 2014126
gnusocial.degurupsurupgurup şurup13 Apr 20160
gnusocial.dehackingenespanishHacking en EspañolGrupo para el uso, creacion y discucion de herramientas para el Hacking1 May 20161
gnusocial.dehockeyHockeyAll about hockey, Zamboni approved. Drop the puck!19 Jun 20152
gnusocial.dejardinentropiqueJardinEntropiqueJardinEntropique 2015-05-26 to 2015-05-28 Rennes France What is it about? Jardin Entropique (Entropic Garden) is an event dedicated to discovering, sharing and debating about freedom and the digital world. It gathers academics, researchers, developers, actors and artists interested in these topics. Jardin Entropique is free, open to anyone, and aims at being educational, friendly and festive!21 Jun 201513
gnusocial.dejscriptJavaScript / ECMAScriptTalk about JS2 May 20153
gnusocial.dekabarettKabarett, Comedy & Satire3 Nov 20152
gnusocial.delibregraphicslibregraphics22 Oct 201424
gnusocial.delispCommon LispA group to discuss everything about Common Lisp.10 Jun 20165
gnusocial.deluciddreamingLucid DreamingEverything about the art of lucid dreaming. Share your knowledge, links and techniques.30 Apr 20161
gnusocial.demeintestgroup1undefinedTEST23 Jul 20160
gnusocial.demetiometio.wtfSoftware Quality!3 Aug 20161
gnusocial.demtbmtbGruppe für interessierte Mountainbiker :) Wo Fahrt ihr so? Ist es auch schön dort? ;)11 Sep 20141
gnusocial.demusicundefinedalles, was mit...genau...Musik zu tun hat everything about music17 Sep 201450
gnusocial.demusikundefinedDiese Gruppe ist für alle, die sich danach sehnen, diesen abenteuerlichen Pfad zu beschreiten, der tiefer und tiefer in die magische Welt der Musik führt – egal ob ihr Musik macht, Musik genießt, audiophil seid, oder einfach nur Musik-Kultur vermisst, wie sie mal war oder sein sollte. Vorsicht: Hohe Ansteckungsgefahr! Teilt eure Leidenschaft, stellt Fragen, weist auf geile Musik & Konzert-Termine hin, diskutiert, trefft euch, und unterstützt euch gegenseitig. Logo steht unter Copyleft-Lizenz (ɔ) – also, keine Rechte vorbehalten (auch nicht Namensnennung) mit einer Ausnahme: Weitergabe (von abgeleiteten geistigen Werken) unter gleichen Bedingungen15 Feb 20162
gnusocial.demutiraomutiraoCobertura y trabajo conjunto de medios libres, comunitarios, alternativos, o como se les llame6 Sep 20161
gnusocial.denederlandNederlandse OntmoetingsplaatsDeze groep is bedoeld als verzamel en ontmoetingsplaats voor Nederlanders die gebruik maken van GNU-Social6 Feb 20162
gnusocial.denextcloudNextcloudA safe home for all your data2 Jun 201634
gnusocial.denordkoreaNordkorea NewsAlles rund um's Thema »Nordkorea«26 Sep 20141
gnusocial.denrwundefinedNachrichten aus Nordrhein-Westfalen12 Sep 20144
gnusocial.deoptimalesdenkenundefinedHast du dich jemals gefragt, ob und wie du die Dinge, die du liebst, besser machen könntest? Interessiert daran, zu lernen wie man lernt? Oder wie man das Maximum aus dem Gehirn rausbekommt? Oder hast du Problem mit Stress in deinem Leben? Dann ist das hier genau der richtige Ort für dich. Stellt Fragen, lernt, diskutiert, trefft euch, unterstützt euch gegenseitig, und teilt themen-bezogene Nachrichten. Logo steht unter Copyleft-Lizenz (ɔ) – also, keine Rechte vorbehalten (auch nicht Namensnennung) mit einer Ausnahme: Weitergabe (von abgeleiteten geistigen Werken) unter gleichen Bedingungen15 Feb 20162
gnusocial.deoptimalthinkingundefinedEver asked yourself if and how you could do better the things you love? Interested in learning how to learn? Interested in how to get the maximum out of your brain? Or do you struggle with stress in your life? Then this is the right place for you. Feel free to ask questions, learn, discuss, meet others, support each other, and share topic related news. Logo is under copyleft license (ɔ) – so, no rights reserved (neither attribution) with one exception: Share alike14 Feb 20162
gnusocial.deosmOpenStreetMapthe project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world.19 Feb 201519
gnusocial.depiprogRaspberry Pi ProgrammingEverything about programming Raspberry Pies. Software-related hardware stories about these devices are also welcome.24 Jan 20164
gnusocial.deplasmaPlasma Desktop4 Sep 20163
gnusocial.depodcastPodcastGruppe für alles rund um Podcasts und natürlich Podcasts selbst. Wer auch unter gelistet werden will, schicke einfach eine Mitteilung.4 Oct 201516
gnusocial.depoliticsundefinedNo matter if you do it consciously or not, the way you act shapes politics, and politics shapes our lives and future. That's why this group here is basically for everyone. No matter how you locate yourself towards politics. Feel free to ask questions, share topic related news, discuss, meet, and support each other. In this group, users who harass others will be blocked. This group takes a strong stance against e.g. racism, sexism, ableism, hostility against homosexuals and transsexuals. Such expressions make the group unsafe for other users, and in practice limit their freedom of speech. Logo is under copyleft license (ɔ) – so, no rights reserved (neither attribution) with one exception: Share alike14 Feb 20163
gnusocial.depolitikundefinedEgal ob du es bewusst tust oder nicht, die Art wie du handelst formt Politik, und Politik formt unsere Leben und Zukunft. Deshalb ist diese Gruppe hier grundsätzlich für alle. Egal wie man sich selbst zu Politik verortet. Stellt Fragen, teilt themen-bezogene Nachrichten, diskutiert, trefft euch, und unterstützt euch gegenseitig. In dieser Gruppe werden Leute, die andere belästigen, geblockt. Diese Gruppe nimmt eine kompromisslose Haltung gegen z.B. Rassismus, Sexismus, Ableismus, Feindlichkeit gegen Homosexuelle oder Transsexuelle, ein. Solche Ausdrucksformen machen die Gruppe unsicher für andere und begrenzen praktisch deren Meinungsfreiheit. Logo steht unter Copyleft-Lizenz (ɔ) – also, keine Rechte vorbehalten (auch nicht Namensnennung) mit einer Ausnahme: Weitergabe (von abgeleiteten geistigen Werken) unter gleichen Bedingungen15 Feb 20167
gnusocial.depressefreiheitpressefreiheitInfos zur Pressefreiheit. Pressefreiheit bezeichnet das Recht von Rundfunk, Presse und anderen (etwa Online-) Medien auf freie Ausübung ihrer Tätigkeit, vor allem das unzensierte Veröffentlichen von Informationen und Meinungen.9 Oct 201422
gnusocial.depybrPython BrasilComunidade de Python no Brasil10 Feb 201611
gnusocial.derbadevRogueBoxAdventures DevelopmentRBA is a free (open source) roguelike/sandbox game. The purpose of this groupe is to keep players informed and to give them a forum to get in touch with the developer.27 Mar 20161
gnusocial.derenderRenderingFür Leute, die Interesse am Generieren von Bildern mit Hilfe des Computers haben.30 Jan 20152
gnusocial.deschachSchachEine Rumpelkammer auf 64 Feldern19 Oct 20163
gnusocial.deschlefazDie Schlechtesten Filme Aller ZeitenInoffizielle SchleFaZ - Gruppe in der GnuSocial - Federation11 Dec 20152
gnusocial.desocialinformaticsMasterstudium Social InformaticsMasterstudium Social Informatics, loser Austausch von Interessierten11 Feb 20161
gnusocial.destattstatt#anstatt #anstellevon #sondern #statt #stattdessen2 Mar 20161
gnusocial.destpauliSt.PauliNix mit Sex, sondern Solidarität, News, Klatsch, Nachbarschaft ( und vllt. etwas Fußball)12 Sep 20147
gnusocial.desyndikalismusSyndikalismus Oct 20163
gnusocial.detapiocaundefined2 Apr 20162
gnusocial.dethreemaThreemaA unofficial group about the #E2E encrypted mobile messenger Threema. Eine innoffizielle Gruppe über den Ende-zu-Ende-verschlüsselten Messenger Threema.13 Feb 201612
gnusocial.detippspielTippspielTippspiel- & Bundesligagruppe14 Aug 20157
gnusocial.detuchemnitzundefined12 Jan 20151
gnusocial.deubuntuUbuntuEverything about the Ubuntu Linux distribution7 Feb 20169
gnusocial.deubuntufansUbuntu FansOb Ubuntu, Mint, OpenSuse oder oder oder... alle Linux Fans sind Willkommen. Hier könnt Ihr eure Erfahrungen austauschen oder Tipps weitergeben. :)16 Feb 20167
gnusocial.deumweltundefinedThemengebiet Natur- und Umweltschutz18 Oct 20166
gnusocial.deunsalleUns alleprivate Gruppe5 Aug 20161
gnusocial.deveganismveganism – for the animals, our health & the planetThis is a place for everyone interested in veganism – the only lifestyle without any form of animal cruelty, and with huge potential health benefits and a massive positive impact on the environment. Feel free to ask questions, share topic related news, discuss, meet, and support each other. Logo is under copyleft license (ɔ) – so, no rights reserved (neither attribution) with one exception: Share alike11 Feb 20162
gnusocial.deveganismusundefinedDas ist ein Ort für alle, die sich für Veganismus interessieren – den einzigen Lebensstil frei von Tierquälerei, und mit riesigen potentiellen Vorteilen für die Gesundheit, und massiven positiven Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt. Stellt Fragen, teilt themen-bezogene Nachrichten, diskutiert, trefft euch, und unterstützt euch gegenseitig. Logo steht unter Copyleft-Lizenz (ɔ) – also, keine Rechte vorbehalten (auch nicht Namensnennung) mit einer Ausnahme: Weitergabe (von abgeleiteten geistigen Werken) unter gleichen Bedingungen15 Feb 20167
gnusocial.deverschluesselungVerschlüsselungAlles zum Thema Verschlüsselung! - Icon von " Svengraph - " unter CC-BY-3.0 ( unverändert übernommen21 Sep 201467
gnusocial.dewelcomeWelcome to the #fediverseA group to give warm welcomes.23 Nov 201527
gnusocial.dewmtestWMjhklajsdfh1 Jul 20161
gnusocial.dexmonadXmonadXmonad user group24 Jul 20161
gnusocial.deyacyYacyDecentralized web search Yacy7 Oct 201414
loadaverage.org26002600All things 2600: hacking, privacy, and of course, the hacker quarterly.31 Jan 201611
loadaverage.orgaaaatestVorname NachnameBeschreibungstext..2 Dec 20141
loadaverage.orgadviceAdvice groupWanna advice? Not sure about something? Ask us!27 Jul 201324
loadaverage.organalogfilmundefinedGruppe für Benutzer von klassischem Film group for classical analog film users9 Sep 20146
loadaverage.organimalsAnimal Rights and LiberationAnything related to and anyone interested in critical animal studies, animal rights, animal welfare, and/or liberation.19 Apr 201412
loadaverage.orgaphexbulbIncógnita16 Oct 20161
loadaverage.orgawwwcute thingsanything cute. like cat pictures.24 Jul 20150
loadaverage.orgbabylon5Babylon 5The group for fans of the science fiction TV show, Babylon 510 Dec 201311
loadaverage.orgbibleHoly BibleQuestions and discussions about the Bible.21 Jun 20142
loadaverage.orgbsdSistemas Operativos BSDFamilia BSD: NeXTStep, FreeBSD, NetBSD, PC-BSD, OpenBSD, DragonFly BSD12 Mar 20163
loadaverage.orgcoffeecoffeeI am not sure why I had to create this group. I am hoping groups interlink across instances of gnusocial.24 Jul 20156
loadaverage.orgcombatCombat SportsAs per usual, we'll break this up if there is interest in doing so.29 Apr 20153
loadaverage.orgcompizCompizCompiz is an OpenGL compositing manager that has a flexible plug-in system and it is designed to run well on most graphics hardware.10 Mar 20161
loadaverage.orgcompsecandhackComputer Security & Hackinglets talk about : Computer Security & Hacking11 Jul 20140
loadaverage.orgcuvintecusensGheorghe MarianPagini frumoase dedicate tuturor celor care vor sa citeasca ceva frumos in internet. Suntem alaturi de voi si va oferim articole de buna calitate, articole pe care le scriem din dorinta de a pune la dispozitie un internet mai bun, plin de resurse utile care sa fie cu adevarat de folos celor care le vor gasi.19 Feb 20161
loadaverage.orgcypherpunksundefinedcrypto tools/tips on how to encrypt everything securing our system to rein in government surveillance by controlling our own secure means of communications. we advocate the act of encryption and cypherpunks movement.22 Sep 201513
loadaverage.orgdesdelinuxDesdelinux29 Jan 20157
loadaverage.orgdrinkingDrinkingWhere we talk about drinking. It's not rocket science, people.9 Dec 20144
loadaverage.orgdrwhoDoctor WhoGallifrey, in the constellation of Kasterborous19 Aug 201326
loadaverage.orgdwarffortressDwarf FortressBlood for the Blood God11 Jul 20149
loadaverage.orgeasyf1Easy F1: GNU socialFormula 1 community in GNU social. Simple news, discussions, quotes and other about Formula 1 in GNU social. Off. language: English Minor languages: Spanish, Russian and other, but support is not guaranteed :-)25 Jan 20152
loadaverage.orgfeminismFeminismAll things feminism(s).10 Apr 201429
loadaverage.orgfirefoxFirefoxThere are literally thousands of totally free ways to customise your Firefox to fit exactly what you like to do online.5 Oct 201380
loadaverage.orgfreedomboxfreedomboxEverything concerning the freedombox5 Dec 20155
loadaverage.orgfsmkFree Software Movement KarnatakaFree Software Movement Karnataka.3 Apr 20143
loadaverage.orgfycdshare place for fycd2 Nov 20151
loadaverage.orgg2gdeux16 Apr 20141
loadaverage.orggimpGimp UsersUsers of the GNU Image Manipulation Program30 Apr 201464
loadaverage.orgglubb1. FCN | GlubbFCN Supporters Group11 Sep 20132
loadaverage.orggoGo, Igo, Baduk, WeiqiDiscussion surrounding all things Go (pun intended). Share resources, SGF files, and game requests.24 Dec 201324
loadaverage.orggstoolsGNU Social ToolsSome useful tools for your GNU Social instance.4 Dec 201332
loadaverage.orghaikuhaikuwrite them, share them 5-7-522 Oct 20162
loadaverage.orghikerWandererAlles über (Berg-)Wandern9 Sep 20141
loadaverage.orghistoricalfuturismHistorical Futurism fictionThis is a group devoted to writing fiction whose base is in the Cyberpunk science fiction genre, but has grown to include the Duality Of Centuries between the 19th century and 21st. This is a slipstream sub genre that makes you feel really strange. It crosses over Horror, Cyberpunk, Romance, Autobiography, and Erotica in a way that juxtaposes you back into the real world with your view on consensus reality changed. A form of transrealism. Often said stories are about romance of cultures where conflicting cultural identities in the midst of reincarnations across periods of history between the 19th century and 20th play a role. Protagonists are generally isolated loners on the edge of society, often serial murderesses. They don&#39;t have to be French murderesses, though only Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France have used guillotines which are an important symbol in the work. A womens slipstream geared toward lesbians. How humane society was not, and how far we have yet to become25 Oct 20151
loadaverage.orghockeyIce Hockeyplayed on ice with sticked and nets14 Oct 20142
loadaverage.orghumornegroHumor NegroSe vale humor negro, sin gusto y ofensivo. Esta es una prueba13 May 20151
loadaverage.orgicecatGNU Icecat : A libre fork of the Firefox browserTo talk about our experiences, bugs, improvements, habits of use with this incredible browser that bury down firefox or chromium.18 Apr 201425
loadaverage.orgincognitaIncognitaIncognita is a place that focus on knowledge-sharing. Be welcome!16 Oct 20160
loadaverage.orginternationalsFootball Internationals14 Oct 20142
loadaverage.orgitmInTheMorningA group for all the feet in the air, boots on the ground, subs in the water, all the dames and knights out there, and anyone who "enjoys" The No Agenda Show and podcast. Thank you for your courage. Logo from the No Agenda Art Generator by TheFakeSalLizard and licensed to the public under the terms of CC BY-SA . Retrieved from on 2015-04-23.23 Apr 20151
loadaverage.orgkdeKDE18 Oct 20149
loadaverage.orglclbdLclBdExperimental location and topic aware mobile optimized social network.28 May 20150
loadaverage.orgldbgDie Liga.DIE LIGA!!!5 Sep 20141
loadaverage.orglgbtiturkeyLGBTI News TurkeyUpdates from and a way to reach out to (interact with) the volunteer translation group /LGBTI News Turkey/.13 Oct 20143 is a music community website that aims to provide a Free Software replacement for A goal of the project is to encourage artists to release tracks under a free license, and allow users to download or purchase these tracks. Only artists releasing music under free content licenses are promoted by the site.16 Jan 20165
loadaverage.orglibreofficeLibreOfficeLibreOffice is one of the friendliest and fastest growing projects in the FOSS world.17 Apr 201447
loadaverage.orglmargLets_make_a_ren'py_gameI'm hoping to make a ren'py game. The basic idea is a science fiction choose your own adventure game. I need people to help me. I can't pay anyone for helping me but you will be able to make copies of the finished game and use them for any purpose commercial or non-commercial under the terms of the Gnu General Public License v325 Apr 20150
loadaverage.orgmakitamakitaSuch doge. So husky. Much Border Collie.7 Apr 201442
loadaverage.orglpdlinuxpresentationdayAlles zum Linux Presentation Day28 Mar 20162
loadaverage.orgmangaMangaA group for manga and anime.27 Oct 20156
loadaverage.orgmateMATE Desktop EnvironmentMATE Desktop Environment, a desktop for users, using traditional computing desktop metaphor.8 Aug 201326
loadaverage.orgmediagoblinmediagoblinAlles zu Mediagoblin, dem GnuSocial für Medien1 Mar 20165
loadaverage.orgmtbmountain bikingMountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.2 Oct 20141
loadaverage.orgmusicmusicfor anyone who likes music27 Apr 20155
loadaverage.orgmusicaMúsicaUn grupo para compartir música8 Aug 201510
loadaverage.orgmusicapetardaMúsica PetardaSi te criaste con la música de los 60's 70's 80's o siemplemente te gusta la música muuuy petarda, este es tu grupo7 Aug 20152
loadaverage.orgmusicwithfriendsmusicwithfriendsa peer to peer musical experience21 Oct 20162
loadaverage.orgnlundefineddutch user group, general10 Apr 20154
loadaverage.orgopenbazaarOpenBazaarDistributed market trading system.3 Jun 20152
loadaverage.orgopensuseopenSUSEThe openSUSE project and distribution4 Nov 201440
loadaverage.orgotherplacesOther PlacesWords and/or pictures of imaginary places13 Feb 201613
loadaverage.orgp4gp4g Pandilla4GatosDescripción : Pandilla4Gatos Temas : Jolgorio, política, medio ambiente, la vida, charlar, humor, salud, música, tecnología, animales, etc..., TODO. @aracnido1969 @sorcerer @toloco @xikufrancesc Sala Jabber May 201556
loadaverage.orgpandilla4gatosPandilla4Gatospandilla4gatos @aracnido1969 @sorcerer @toloco @xikufrancesc Sala Jabber May 20156
loadaverage.orgperlPerlA Perl group.18 Feb 20162
loadaverage.orgplayingGamesGames people play.9 Dec 20144
loadaverage.orgpodcastsPodcastsA group for discussing podcasts. See also !listening14 Nov 20162
loadaverage.orgpokemonundefinedA kid friendly rpg franchise that includes fan made battle sims, plush toys, a bad ccg, mediocre spin off games, a cartoon/anime, a manga, what's not to love?11 Apr 20151
loadaverage.orgpolandPolandSimply, about Poland || Po prostu, o Polsce8 Mar 20143
loadaverage.orgpolitikPolitikAlles zum Thema Politik auf Deutsch.5 Mar 20161
loadaverage.orgproblemsolvingproblem solvingsince we are a bunch of hackers on gnusocial; let's share problems and solve them together. it doesn't have to be computer related.6 Nov 20163
loadaverage.orgprogrammingprogramming and writingprogramming computers or people with instructions and stories. writing to influence others for a better world.7 Apr 201510
loadaverage.orgpunePuneAbout Pune2 Jan 20161
loadaverage.orgquotesQuotes31 Oct 20143
loadaverage.orgrpgRPGsFor anything and everything tabletop RPG related.4 Dec 201310
loadaverage.orgrunningRunningputting one foot in front of the other, as fast as one can for a given distance.1 Mar 20153
loadaverage.orgseamonkeySeaMonkeyWeb-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple.5 Oct 20137
loadaverage.orgspamreportSpam reportsFound spammer? Report it here!3 Dec 20134
loadaverage.orgsportsbizSports Business and EconomicsRight now aliased as sportslaw, sportslabor, and transfers, though I'm happy to break those out, or move those topics to "Sports" as group members see fit.25 Aug 20141
loadaverage.orgstudystudyEste es un grupo de estudiantes para crear contendio publico3 Mar 20161
loadaverage.orgtestgroupTest3 Sep 20151
loadaverage.orgthedeltaThe-DeltaA community created by friends for gaming(minecraft but not only).26 Apr 20150
loadaverage.orgtomodachitomodachiuguu~7 May 201411
loadaverage.orgtrisquelGNU TrisquelTrisquel is one the official operating system that are supported by the FSF and therefore is truly Free/Libre. Trisquel is based on Ubuntu. The Trisquel community, for the respect of the users removed the non-free software that ubuntu used (and encouraged to use) also they use a deblobed version of the Linux kernel.16 Jan 201614
loadaverage.orgttrssTiny Tiny RSSTiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator, designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible.25 Jun 20145
loadaverage.orgtuffTenants United of Franklin FieldTenant's union4 Sep 20151
loadaverage.orgtwitradiooTwitRadiooLugar para interactuar con los locutores de TwitRadio Director @neurus@quitter.se4 Mar 20158
loadaverage.orgukraineundefinedIraq 2.010 Apr 20152
loadaverage.orguruguayUruguayUruguayos, uruguayos. Donde fueron a parar Por los barrios más remotos De Colombes o Amsterdam Laralaraira Lalaralarailaraaaaaaaaaaa6 Sep 201513
loadaverage.orgveganVegan"Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, as well as following an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of sentient animals. A follower of veganism is known as a vegan." - Jan 2014115
loadaverage.orgwinesonlineJesse Grandi16 Jan 20151
status.vinilox.euarchlinuxArchlinuxGroup of the lightweight and flexible Linux distribution that tries to Keep It Simple1 Jun 2013152
status.vinilox.eubasketballBasketballA game played with 10-foot goals and dunking.9 Feb 20142
status.vinilox.eublackmetalBlack MetalBlack metal ist krieg.26 Mar 201415
status.vinilox.eublogboxBlogbox projectBlogbox aims to be a project that search how to have a personnal blog @home with self-hosting. We try to use RaspberryPi essentially to minimize costs and permit user to have its own weblog @home for few dollars/euros.3 May 20142
status.vinilox.euchoqokChoqokChoqok is a Free/Open Source micro-blogging client for KDE. It supports GNU Social, Pump.IO and Twitter.8 Apr 20150
status.vinilox.eucinePelículas, series, documentales, etc.Películas, series, documentales, cortos y por el estilo, que nos hayan gustado y deseemos recomendar.31 Jan 201520
status.vinilox.eucoffeeCoffeeFor all "Coffee now!"- , "Need coffee!"-shouters1 Jun 2013190
status.vinilox.euconversationsConversationsTodo lo referente a este fantástico cliente de XMPP para dispositivos Android3 May 201512
status.vinilox.eucyanogenmodCyanogenModCyanogenMod is a customized, aftermarket firmware distribution for select Android devices1 Jun 201381
status.vinilox.eudatalovedataloveData is essential - Data must flow - Data must be used - Data is neither good nor bad - There is no illegal data - Data is free - Data can not be owned - No man, machine or system shall interrupt the flow of data - Locking data is a crime against datanity4 Feb 201421
status.vinilox.euecologieÉcologieGroupe destiné aux échanges portant sur l'écologie28 May 201317
status.vinilox.eufaimaisonFaiMaisonF.A.I. associatif Nantais1 Jun 20135
status.vinilox.eufediversoEl universo federadoTodos los nodos y sus usuarios que podemos hablar directamente entre nosotros a traves de protocolos descentralizados.18 Jan 201537
status.vinilox.eufirefoxosFirefoxOSFor all FirefoxOS fans ! :)12 Sep 201343
status.vinilox.eugentooGentooTodo lo referente a este fantástico y personalizable sistema operativo.9 Jul 20150
status.vinilox.eugnusocialGNU social5 Oct 2013808
status.vinilox.eugridironGridiron (American Football)Helmets, pads, concussions27 Jan 20143
status.vinilox.eujollaJollaWe are unlike. Powered by Sailfish OS.8 Apr 20152
status.vinilox.eulemLoi de l'emmerdement maximumPartagez vous aussi vos emmerdes quotidiennes suite à la loi de Murphy, la loi de l'emmerdement maximum !2 Jun 20166
status.vinilox.eulibreLibrePour parler de logiciels/musiques/livres/films/... libres28 May 201337
status.vinilox.euloxtestTesting @ ViniloxKinda like an alien abduction, except with a black van. We park by him in the street, a stranger comes and asks him for directions, then we jump out from the van and pull him in, whereby we can experiment all we want.6 May 20142
status.vinilox.eumakeflyMakefly static weblog engineMakefly is a static weblog engine that is an alternative to the famous Nanoblogger one. It aims to be lightweight and fast.3 May 20143
status.vinilox.eumathfrMathématiquesPour échanger en français au sujet des Mathématiques28 May 20138
status.vinilox.eumlbMajor League BaseballFor talk about Major League Baseball. For all other leagues, see Jan 201410
status.vinilox.eumyselfundefined21 Jul 20141
status.vinilox.eunaohackNaohackLe hackerspace nantais1 Feb 20138
status.vinilox.euoldcomputersundefinedpre-1990 computers, printers, calculators,... for home and office use. Visit also !comphist at Mar 201610
status.vinilox.eupianoPiano Music7 Jul 20164
status.vinilox.eupicsAwesome picturesHave you discovered an awesome picture? a great photography or drawing? maybe another one that has blowed your mind? share it with us!!9 Jan 201512
status.vinilox.eureso30Réseau gardois de testGroupe de test2 Oct 20141
status.vinilox.euselfGroup For My Self20 Jul 20140
status.vinilox.euserverServer HardwareServer Hardware29 Jun 201612
status.vinilox.euslackwareSlackwareSlackware Linux es la distribución Linux más antigua que tiene vigencia, y aquí es el lugar adecuado para discutir sobre ella :)30 Jul 20150
status.vinilox.eusportsSports!If you want to create a group based on an alias, let me know!24 Jan 20146
status.vinilox.eutestprivgroupundefined25 Dec 20140
status.vinilox.eutheophileThéophileGroupe francophones pour les amateurs de thé.18 Apr 20145
status.vinilox.eutrisquelTrisquel GNU/LinuxCurrently, the best Libre GNU/Linux distro available.3 Mar 20146
status.vinilox.euveganosVeganos en GNU socialVegan@s de todo el fediverso que buscan su rinconcito en esta web para hablar de los muchísimos temas que abarca este estilo de vida.18 Jan 201531
status.vinilox.euvirtualisationVirtualisation & Emulationkvm, qemu, xen, virtualbox, virtsh, virt-manager, proxmox, etc.30 Jun 20165
status.vinilox.euvivalafederationViva La FederationAny friendly LAMP server will do. If you like to shout 'Viva La Federation!' when talking about the decentralized StatusNet instances, this is the group for you. ;)1 Jun 2013121
quitter.catactivismeundefinedGrup per comentar les jugades dels activistes6 Sep 20162
quitter.catcatalunyaCatalunyaCatalunya28 Jan 20153
quitter.catnoticiesGrupo de noticiasGrupo para publicar y leer noticias de interes15 Jun 20161
quitter.catxmppesXMPP en CastellanoGrupo para la difusión de noticias en el ambito del protocolo de comunicación XMPP27 May 201618
gnusocial.chbitcoinBitcoinBitcoiners :)25 Jan 20159
gnusocial.chclassicshavingundefinedClassic Shaving17 Jan 20152
gnusocial.chgeezersAlte SäckeHier treffen sich alle Ü20 ;)26 Jan 201510
gnusocial.chgnusocialchundefinedFragen und Anregungen rund um GNUsocial.ch23 Nov 201511
gnusocial.chguixGNU guixGNU's advanced distro and transactional package manager20 Aug 201524
gnusocial.chilovefsI love Free SoftwareShow your love for Free Software on Valentine's Day14 Feb 201559
gnusocial.chprivatsphaereundefinedDeutschsprachige Gruppe zum Thema Privatsphäre und Sicherheit im Internet.22 Jan 201517
gnusocial.chscribusScribus11 Jun 20153
gnusocial.chtaskwarriorundefinedTaskwarrior, Taskserver and Tasktools8 Jan 20162
gnusocial.chtuxerosundefinedTuxeros16 Jan 201522
gnusocial.chzhfellowsundefinedZürcher Fellowshipgruppe der FSFE16 Jan 201514
quitter.es0compartiresbueno0Compartir es BuenoCompartir no es un delito, compartir es un derecho natural, compartir es bueno.22 Jan 20154
quitter.es15mvalencia15m Valencia Acampada Valencia22 Jan 20154
quitter.es2015ficofiFinanzas 2015 FICODudas de la asignatura.18 Jan 20151
quitter.esactualidadespanaActualidad: España24 Nov 20153
quitter.esadminsdenodosAdministradores de los nodos QuitterLista con los nicknames de los administradores de los nodos Quitter. Para poder avisarles más fácilmente de fallos, mejoras, cosas que no funcionan... y darles las gracias una y otra vez!18 Jan 201534
quitter.esahoritateamAhoritaSoy el ''ahorita'' que más odias o más quieres. Únete #ahorita si no puedes vivir sin el ahorita de quitter. JE SUIS AHORITA.20 Jan 2015102
quitter.esakibakeiAkiba-keiFans De La Cultura de Akihabara20 Jan 20153
quitter.esalimentacionAlimentación y bebidasPorque nos importa lo que comemos y lo que bebemos3 Oct 20165
quitter.esanarkiaAnarkia#Ahorita Revolución27 Feb 201511
quitter.esanarquiaanarquía24 Jan 201510
quitter.esanimeANIMEFans de anime en general, cosplays, Visual Kei, rol players, etc ^^20 Jan 20156
quitter.esarchlinuxesArchlinux de habla hispanaGrupo de usuarios Archlinux de habla hispana. -------------------------------------------------------------- Por favor para otras distribuciones de linux, usa sus grupos, gracias.27 Aug 20161
quitter.esartecontemporaneoArte Contemporáneo21 Jan 20159
quitter.esasobalundefined24 Oct 20161
quitter.esbaileBaileGrupo para intercambiar opiniones, gustos, videos y canciones de baile de todo tipo28 Jan 20151
quitter.esbarceloversundefinedSabes de fiestas ultra molonas, bares nuevos, conciertos, eventos destacados o nuevas actividades en la ciudad condal? comentalas aquí.18 Jan 20153
quitter.esbibliotecasBibliotecasBibliotecas, bibliotecari@s, profesionales y entidades afines a las bibliotecas,17 Jan 201516
quitter.esbicyclingBicyclingPut fun between your legs. Picture from Sep 20155
quitter.esbitcoinBitCoin Tnthusiasts¿Crees que bitcoin es la moneda del futuro? Este es tu grupo19 Jan 20150
quitter.esbloggersbloggers escribenGente con algo que decir, leámoslos.11 Oct 20161
quitter.esbolsaBolsa y TradingBolsa, Trading , Finanzas, Stock Markets19 Jan 20159
quitter.escafetichismoCafetichismoEl mundo que rodea una taza de café19 Nov 20153
quitter.escafetichistaCafetichismoTodo aquello que rodea un buen #café tiene cabida aquí. Desde las diferentes formas de prepararlo, a tipos de bebidas que se pueden conseguir con él, pasando por postres, trucos, tipos de café, cafeteras, molinillos o cualquier otro aparato necesario.19 Nov 20150
quitter.escervezaCervezaUn grupo para todo amante de la cerveza en Quitter.22 Jan 20155
quitter.eschessChess6 Feb 20151
quitter.eschistesCuéntate un chisteChistes, paranoias y paridas en general xD22 Jan 201510
quitter.escienciaficcionCiencia Ficción¡Para los fans de la ciencia ficción!20 Jan 201519
quitter.escleantecCleantec Limpieza ecológicaTodo sobre limpieza eco y nanotecnológica.20 Jan 20151
quitter.escolacaoColacao: Desayuno y merienda idealEl desayuno de los campeones y campeonas Si lo toma el ciclista se hace el amo de la pista. Si lo toma el boxeador golpear es un primor.10 Mar 20152
quitter.escomentalibrosundefinedLibros de todo tipo, literatura y autores, comentados y despiezados.22 Jan 201580
quitter.esconocimientoConocimientoEl saber no ocupa lugar10 Feb 20162
quitter.esconspiranoiaonundefined18 Jan 201516
quitter.escronicaspositivasundefinedPara esos malos días cuando flaquea la esperanza: el cambio es posible y lo demuestra que cada día hay buenas noticias24 Jul 20161
quitter.escruasanescruasanesBy @quittero19 Jan 201512
quitter.escuriosidadesCuriosidades24 Nov 20158
quitter.esdeathmetalDeath MetalGroup for Death metal music listeners17 May 20153
quitter.esdenunciamaltratoDenuncia el maltrato a personas o animales7 Mar 20162
quitter.esdeporteTodos los deportesUn lugar para comentar las noticias deportivas de actualidad y eventos deportivos en directo.19 Jan 20153
quitter.esdespistaosenelquitterperdidos en quitter18 Jan 201515
quitter.esdineritoGanar dinero en internetSe puede publicar cualquier cosa relacionada en ganar dinero en internet17 Jan 20152
quitter.eseducaEducaPara una educación pública y de calidad. Wertgüenza.30 Jan 201516
quitter.eselgrupothe group25 Jun 20161
quitter.eseltestoEl Testo9 Jan 20165
quitter.esenamoradesdedalas1Círculo Enamorades de DalasCírculo de Podemos de personas locas de amor por Dalas. Contra el hembrismo, ¡ni un paso atrás! ¡No a las feminazis! Matriarcado y comunismo, alianza criminal. O algo así. Nse. SLAVA DALAS.17 Jan 20156
quitter.esencuestasencuestas1 May 20161
quitter.esensalajabberEstoy en sala JabberEste grupo sirve para avisar cuando se esta en una sala jabber cualquiera, por ejemplo para comentar un tema o acontecimiento.8 Feb 20161
quitter.esescritoresundefinedPágina abierta para escritores que quieran difundir su material y lectores que deseen libros a bajo coste.18 Jan 20157
quitter.esesperantoEsperanto lernantojKunhavigi scion pri Esperanto (Compartir conocimiento sobre Esperanto)11 Nov 201512
quitter.esetimologicasDesviaciones, mutaciones y perversiones etimológicasGrupo para pervertir, deformar y buscar la etimología de las palabras más variopintas de nuestro lenguaje.18 Jan 20155
quitter.esf3psFuncionaris 3.0 - Per Silla22 May 20160
quitter.esfederatestFederation TesterI use this group to debug errors.22 Jan 20154
quitter.esfinlandiaFinlandiaGrupo para gente de habla hispana que vive en Finlandia, que está pensando en viajar a Finlandia o que, simplemente, tiene curiosidad.18 Jan 20154
quitter.esfografiamovilAficionados a la fotografía movilGrupo de aficionados a la fotografía móvil20 Jan 20152
quitter.esfotografiacontFotografía ContemporáneaEspacio de discusión sobre lo que sucede en la fotografía27 Jan 201515
quitter.esfotografiaparatodosFotografía para tod@sSi te gusta la fotografía y todo lo que envuelve ese mundo, este es tu grupo20 Nov 20152
quitter.esfreesoftwareFree SoftwareIf you want to talk about Free Software, this is your group25 Jan 201525
quitter.esgaysSomos gaysSomos hombres gays que buscamos conversar y lo que surja18 Jan 201510
quitter.esggfundefined31 Jan 20150
quitter.esgnulinuxGNU/Linux para tod@s18 Dec 201512
quitter.esgroupcreatori create groups!!!16 Jan 20162
quitter.esgrupovaslibreVaSlibre - VenezuelaComunidad Software Libre en Venezuela21 Jan 20155
quitter.esguerrillacomGuerrilla de la ComunicaciónSegún la Wikipedia, el término Guerrilla de la Comunicación se refiere a formas no-convencionales de comunicación e intervención en procesos convencionales de comunicación. Incluye un conjunto de prácticas de subversión política que buscan visibilizar las relaciones sociales de dominio de las sociedades capitalistas contemporáneas, tales como el nuevo y el viejo nacionalismo, el sexismo/patriarcado, el especismo, el racismo y las formas de producción capitalista vinculados a ellos… (...) …Siguiendo el clásico esquema de la teoría de la comunicación lo que se propone es intervenir el mensaje del discurso dominante para que el receptor lo reciba distorsionado a fin de despertar la crítica a la cultura dominante… Apr 201613
quitter.eshackandalusHackAndalusGrupo de HackAndalus22 May 20166
quitter.eshairTendencia sobre CabelloSobre tendencia en el mundo de la moda del cabello22 Jan 20151
quitter.eshealthHealthA space to discuss about news in Health and its related professions. What will be next goals in Medicine, Surgery and Nursing?18 Jan 20151
quitter.eshearthstoneHearthstonejugadores de hearthstone en español19 Jan 20151
quitter.esheartstoneHeartstoneJugadores de Hearstone en español19 Jan 20150
quitter.esheavymetalHeavy MetalMetaleros, rockeros, hardcoretas... compartid vuestra música! - Share ur music! << Especificad título, artista o alguna pista junto con los enlaces xD >> <> || @moshpirit «el que masmola» || xD!20 Jan 201557
quitter.eshentaiworldHentai WorldBienvenid@! Grupo destinado a los amantes del hentai y sus diversas variaciones (todo esta permitido)20 Jan 201514
quitter.eshistoriandoHistoriando la Historia24 Nov 20151
quitter.eshomebrewhomebrewPorque si hay algo mejor que una buena cerveza, es una cerveza hecha por uno mismo.27 Apr 201618
quitter.eshuertoHuertos agroecológicosHuertos agroecológicos y autogestionados por personas o comunidades. Ayuda mútua y compartir conocimientos sobre agroecología local. También estamos en la sala !xmpp May 201621
quitter.eshumorHumor XSimplemente un grupo para poner chorradas, textos cómicos, chistes, memes... Lo que quieras.31 Aug 20159
quitter.esideiasIdeias Para Inovar o MundoIdeias inovadoras para mudar o mundo, quebrar paradigmas e fazer acontecer!15 May 20156
quitter.esilovefsI love free software17 Feb 20153
quitter.esimpresoras3dImpresoras 3D libresGrupo para aficionados a la impresión 3D y movimiento RepRap tengan o no impresora6 Jun 20167
quitter.esinadaptadosInadaptadosIdeal para todo aquel que no haya estrechado ningun tipo de lazo con nadie.18 Jan 201514
quitter.esinternacionalInternacional24 Nov 20151
quitter.esinternetInternet11 Feb 20162
quitter.esitIT SpainIT Spain18 Jan 20157
quitter.esiticiTICJornadas iTIC, de integración de las TIC en la Enseñanza20 Jan 20153
quitter.esittipsITIt tips18 Jan 20150
quitter.esjapanplusJapan ManganimeEl lugar del manga, anime y la cultura japonesa en GNU Social. Un punto de encuentro en el cual poder hablar del manga, el anime y de Japón y su cultura - Sala jabber japanplus@salas.mijabber.es14 Feb 201541
quitter.esjazzJazz5 Dec 201517
quitter.esjuanjaviervideojuegosVideojuegos de pc,ps4 y Xbox One.Puntuación y link de revistas de videojuegos:meristation,hobbyconsolas y 3djuegos.26 Nov 20161
quitter.esjuegosdemesaJuegos de MesaGrupo para charlar sobre juegos de mesa3 May 20165
quitter.eslalibreriaLa LibreriaSitio de reunión para amantes de los libros y la literatura. Comparte tus gustos, los libros que te gustan o no te gustan, los autores que te gustan o no, pero siempre, explicándolo. Compartir libros o revistas no es delito, es fomentar la cultura.22 Jan 20158
quitter.eslectoresavidosLectoresPara los amantes de la lectura22 Jan 20154
quitter.eslecturaLecturaGrupo abierto para debate e intercambio de opiniones sobre cualquier tipo de libros, autores, o lecturas interesantes de cualquier género. Usa siempre !lectura y el hastag del libro que estés comentando, por ejemplo #elocho #biografiastevejobs, etc. Se ruega indicar los espoilers: ***SPOILER***22 Jan 201543
quitter.eslocosporelbailelocosporelbaileEste grupo está dirigido para aquellos fervientes apasionados de todo tipo de bailes para compartir opiniones gustos y más28 Jan 20150
quitter.esmafaldaeternamafalda18 Apr 20162
quitter.esmalagaMalaga18 Jan 20154
quitter.esmalaprensaErrores en la prensa y medios de comunicación.Errores y fallos encontrados en la Prensa y medios de comunicación. Algunos de ellos bastante evidentes.18 Feb 20161
quitter.esmanicomioManicomio18 Jan 20150
quitter.esmelomanosSoy melómanoSimplemente amantes de la música aquí, comentemos algo ¿no?19 Jan 20159
quitter.esmexicoMéxicoUn grupo de México dentro del nodo Quitter España. lel19 Jan 20153
quitter.esmicrocuentomicrocuentoSi escribes microcuentos, hazlo añadiendo !microcuento. De ese modo estarán todos guardados en el mismo sitio =) En twitter: @miCuentos22 Jan 201514
quitter.esmidiMidiGrupo para compartir y hablar de música en formato MIDI22 Jan 20151
quitter.esmiserablesLos miserablesEnfadados, tristes, enamorados, muertos. Pero todos Miserables.18 Jan 20153
quitter.esmismentirasMariano Rajoy BreyMis mentiras al pueblo español y de las que no se dan cuenta. #rajoy #mentirasPP20 Jan 20154
quitter.esmovilizacionsocialSocialInformacion de movilizaciones sociales9 Feb 20150
quitter.esmundoanimalmundoanimal22 Feb 20162
quitter.esmusicosMúsicosMusicos que tengan ganas de hablar de música y sus derivados.21 Jan 201511
quitter.esmusicosunidosMusicos UnidosMusicos unidos, jamás serán vencidos. En lucha para inculcar buenos valores y cambiar la filosofía musical de este país.22 Jan 20151
quitter.esopenideasundefinedPublica tu germen de idea al mundo y deja que evolucionen y se conviertan en realidad... kickstarter de ideas pero sin pedir pasta6 Apr 20154
quitter.esopensourceOpen Source6 Feb 20153
quitter.esorgiasorgias19 Jan 20152
quitter.esostiacoponundefinedManchegos y habitantes de Cuenca, la heróica e impertérrita, venid!22 Jan 20152
quitter.esosuOsu!generalOsu!std ~ Osu!Taiko ~ Osu!CTB ~ Osu!mania21 Jan 20152
quitter.esotakusAnime/MangaAqui podeis hablar de Anime/Manga y todo lo relacionado20 Jan 201523
quitter.espalenciaPalenciaGrupo para palentinas y palentinos, chiguitos y chiguitas estén o no coritos.20 Jan 20151
quitter.espelisPeliculas de estrenoGrupo abierto para debate e intercambio de opiniones sobre cualquier tipo de estrenos y películas de cualquier género. Usa siempre !pelis y el hastag de la película de la que estés hablando, por ejemplo #avatar #pulpfiction #300, etc. Evita los debates políticos y en caso de spoiler indicad ***SPOILER*** antes de cada mensaje.22 Jan 201521
quitter.espeloterospeloteros27 Jan 20153
quitter.espodcastGrupo de Podcasts en Quitter17 Feb 20162
quitter.espoequitPoequit30 Jan 20156
quitter.espoequittPoequitt30 Jan 20154
quitter.espolitica1POLÍTICA en GENERALGrupo nuevo que intenta centralizar todos los comentarios políticos pero en el que el administrador no se hace responsable de los comentarios vertidos por l@s miembr@s. Se reclama respeto máximo, no insultar son nuestras únicas reglas BIENVENID@S TOD@S QUE BUSCAIS EL DEBATE SANO Y ENRIQUECEDOR18 Jan 201592
quitter.esportaceli89Promoción 89 de Portaceli - SevillaPara una comunicación fluida entre compañeros del colegio Portaceli de Sevilla.20 Jan 20150
quitter.esprimeracatalanaPr24 Oct 20161
quitter.esprivacidadPrivacidad en la era digitalNadie será objeto de injerencias arbitrarias en su vida privada, su familia, su domicilio o su correspondencia, ni de ataques a su honra o a su reputación. Toda persona tiene derecho a la protección de la ley contra tales injerencias o ataques.20 Jan 201531
quitter.espruebajapanprueba de japan plusprueba de japan plus2 Nov 20150
quitter.esputiclubPuticlub de fans de Luis EnriqueNo somos del Barça20 Jan 20156
quitter.esquitrespuestasundefined12 Apr 20151
quitter.esquitteresQuitter EspañaGrupo para hablar sobre el servidor Quitter España y sus novedades. Group to talk about the instance Quitter España and its news.30 May 201514
quitter.esquitteroslogronoQuitteros de LogroñoPioneros en Quitter de Logroño20 Jan 20151
quitter.esquitterosnavarranavarreando7 Sep 20160
quitter.esquitteryyoquitter y yoyo, quitter y 1000 caracteres19 Jan 201541
quitter.esrappoliticoRap PolíticoGrupo para la difusión de temas nuevos y clásicos, así como de conciertos y eventos relacionados con este género en cualquier lugar.20 Jan 201512
quitter.esrealpolitikRealpolitikGrupo para discutir política internacional. Group to discuss international politics. [Piyushgiri Revagar by-nc-nd]17 Aug 20167
quitter.esredeslibresRedes LibresRedes sociales libres para personas y colectivos libres23 Jun 201614
quitter.esredhairRedhairEl rojo nos sienta bien5 Feb 20154
quitter.esredheadRedhead5 Feb 20152
quitter.esrereRere18 Jan 20150
quitter.esrockspRock en castellanoGrupo para la difusión de temas nuevos y clásicos, así como de conciertos y eventos relacionados con este género en cualquier lugar de nuestra geografía. Inclusive también grupos en euskera, català, galego y bable. [Sin reglas mas allá de las de convivencia]19 Jan 201511
quitter.esrubyinfosecRuby InfoSecfor all Ruby language related topics for InfoSec, security and hacking3 Apr 20152
quitter.esrunnersclubRunners ClubOpiniones, comentarios y experiencias sobre el running y cualquier otro deporte, excepto foot-ball18 Jan 20152
quitter.esscificiencia ficciónGrupo para debatir sobre material audio-visual de ciencia ficción18 Dec 20150
quitter.essecretoscomunistasSecretos comunistas*Alto secreto*19 Jan 20150
quitter.essenderismosenderismoGrupo para compartir rutas, sendas y pateadas varias3 May 20161
quitter.esserialsSerialsGrupo abierto para debate e intercambio de opiniones sobre series de televisión. Usa siempre !serials y el hastag de la serie de la que estés hablando, por ejemplo #blackmirror #homeland #houseofcards, etc. ***EVITA SPOILEAR***22 Jan 201540
quitter.esseriesqSeries QuittersNuevo grupo para comentar series, tv shows, o como queráis llamarlo pues se trata solamente de divertirse hablando de nuestras favoritas. Si queréis podéis etiquetar con la serie de la que habláis para poder buscarlo más tarde, por ejemplo #Lost o #TheWire11 Jun 201527
quitter.essexualidadundefinedPara hablar de la sexualidad sin tabúes16 Sep 20163
quitter.esthrashmetalThrash metalGrupo de GNU social sobre el thrash metal14 May 20152
quitter.estokiponatoki ponakama pona! Grupo del idioma toki pona.7 Feb 20157
quitter.estoquepordentrotoquepordentroAmigos de La Lucha Canaria5 Sep 20151
quitter.estouhou東方ProjectPraise the comikets, group for music, print works/fanart, games and miscelanea.20 Jan 20153
quitter.esufrgssocialUFRGS SocialGrupo de trabalho para o projeto-piloto "Remanejo Sustentável de Bens" - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - Porto Alegre, Brasil17 Nov 20153
quitter.esvdvVoces del VicioGrupete de frikis algo creciditos ya xD17 Jan 20150
quitter.esvieoVieoEreh máh pesao que un collá meloneh, vieo24 Feb 20151
quitter.esvlcVLC19 Jan 20151
quitter.eswatchingwatching23 Feb 201526
quitter.eswesnothBattle for WesnothThe Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based tactical strategy game with a high fantasy theme. Build up a great army, gradually turning raw recruits into hardened veterans. In later games, recall your toughest warriors and form a deadly host that none can stand against! Choose units from a large pool of specialists, and hand-pick a force with the right strengths to fight well on different terrains against all manner of opposition.25 Aug 20161
gnusocial.noanarchismusAnarchismusEine deutschsprachige Gruppe zum Thema Anarchie und Anarchismus.24 Oct 20147
gnusocial.noargumentArgument ClinicKeep calm and argue. Paying tribute to Monty Python, this is a place to argue. No, it isn't!15 Jun 20155
gnusocial.nobp3BP3This. Is. BP3!!!9 Nov 20141
gnusocial.nocolombiaColombiaSitio para aquellos que vengan de ese raro país llamado Colombia. Este grupo está habilitado para tratar temas de todo tipo sin censura (con un mínimo nivel de ética y crítica). Colombia es un gran país, con una historia difícil, quizá sea el momento de dejar la guerra, incluso en las letras.11 Feb 20162
gnusocial.nocontemporarycontemporary artDo you like to draw? You do not have to be an artist. Do you paint? Do you love art? Tell us!14 Jul 20152
gnusocial.nocyberpunkCyberPunkA group for schway chummers. [kalyx need not apply]15 Apr 20160
gnusocial.nodatalove<3<33 Aug 20151
gnusocial.nodogownerDogOwnerA group where Dog Owner can sharing experience each other about their four legs friends10 Aug 20161
gnusocial.nodragoraDragora GNU/Linux-LibreDragora is a reliable GNU/Linux-Libre distribution based on the concept of simplicity with the goal of being a multi-purpose operating system. Dragora respects the freedom of the user with the values of free software and provides control to those who use it. It is developed entirely by volunteers and it is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License.17 May 201532
gnusocial.noelektronikElektronik-GruppeDu bastelst/arbeitest gerne mit Elektronik oder hast generell Interesse an Elektrizität und Elektronik? Dann sei herzlich eingeladen in dieser Gruppe :-)19 Oct 20145
gnusocial.noemacsundefinedGNU Emacs is an extensible, customizable text editor and more15 Oct 201452
gnusocial.noevolveEvolve(un)official group for discussion of anything related to the Evolve gaming client!26 Jul 20151
gnusocial.nofoswFreeOpenSourceWebWe need more Free Open Source Web ! Group for #fosw lovers : Diaspora -Friendica - RedMatrix - GnuSocial - Libertree ... .. .. ........20 Nov 201455
gnusocial.nofriedenbonnMahnwache BonnMahnwache Bonn13 Mar 20150
gnusocial.nofuntooFuntoo LinuxFuntoo Linux is a Linux-based operating system that is a variant of Gentoo Linux, led by Daniel Robbins (the creator and former Chief Architect of Gentoo) who serves as benevolent dictator for life (BDFL) of the project.21 May 20154
gnusocial.nogamedevundefinedGameDev group15 Jun 20153
gnusocial.nognugroupsgnusocial php groupsgroup to talk about how to configure in gnusocial the groups14 Nov 20143
gnusocial.nogolangGo Programmers11 Feb 20161
gnusocial.nogsprivGNU Social privacyWanna run your gnusocial instance in fully private or semi-private mode? Let's talk about it...21 Feb 20157
gnusocial.nogugaGNU User Group Alagoas19 Jun 20152
gnusocial.nohackfestGNU Social HackfestSpend a weekend improving GNU Social usability and consistency! For coders and non-coders.10 May 201546
gnusocial.nohubzillahubzillaBuild a community of connected websites14 Nov 201511
gnusocial.noidIndonesiaOrang Indonesia? atau Berbahasa Indonesia? Silahkan bergabung9 Jul 20151
gnusocial.noindiaindiaIndia, officially the Republic of India (Bhārat Gaṇarājya), is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world.4 Apr 20152
gnusocial.nojukeboxjuryJuke Box JuryShare your music links and give your points with short evaluation. E.g. links to songs in Youtube. Just for fun!13 Aug 20151
gnusocial.nokprkpr12 Apr 20151
gnusocial.nolaborlaborA group about unionism, class consciousness, the workinmg class, etc.4 Jan 20155
gnusocial.nolatinosgnusocialLatinos GNUSocialLugar de encuentro para todos los latinos en GNUSocial, punto de reunion GNU1 Jul 20157
gnusocial.nolisteningwhat you are listening towhat you are listening to27 May 20153
gnusocial.nolziplzipLzip is a lossless data compressor with a user interface similar to the one of gzip or bzip2. Lzip is about as fast as gzip, compresses most files more than bzip2, and is better than both from a data recovery perspective.1 Aug 20152
gnusocial.nonalugAssociazione NaLUG - Napoli Linux Users GroupGruppo GNUsocial dell'Associazione Culturale NaLUG - Napoli Linux Users Group ------------------------------------------------ Group topic: lieto nerding tra informatici ed appassionati di nuove tecnologie e libertà digitali ad impronta GNU/Linux ------------------------------------------------ Sono considerati NON LIETI e quindi off-topic e passibili di essere cassati, i post che siano, a insindacabile giudizio dei group-admin: • eccessivamente scurrili e/o volgari • offensivi, diffamatori, etc. (attenersi alla netiquette) • contenenti messaggi pubblicitari e contenuti non richiesti (spam) • le disquisizioni tecniche di genere informatico sono molto ben accette, purché condotte in pieno spirito di condivisione delle informazioni, senza esibizionismi | celolunghismi | celodurismi | guerre di religione • prima di porre questioni tecniche consultate la manualistica, gli how-to, $motorediricerca, $personalguru, etc ... • chiarimenti, pareri e ogni altro contenuto espresso mediante qualsivoglia forma in questo gruppo NON sono da considerarsi consulenza professionale, e perciò non espongono l'autore del messaggio ed i moderatori della lista ad alcun tipo di responsabilità • ricordate che siete su un social network e che magari qualche vostro cliente e/o datore di lavoro potrebbe venire a conoscenza di quanto pubblicate in questo gruppo. Enjoy!25 Nov 201410
gnusocial.nonoticiasNoticias27 Jul 20150
gnusocial.nooberonOberonStuff related to the Oberon Operating System(s), programming language(s) and Philosophy.26 May 20152
gnusocial.noomniasuntcommuniaOmnia sunt communia27 Jul 20151
gnusocial.nop2pPeer to peerGrupo para aportar y dialogar sobre el p2p en general (como protocolo, como paradigma comunitario, etc.) Con la etiqueta !p2p puedes traer nuevo contenido a este grupo (música, ideas, películas, etc.).11 Feb 201617
gnusocial.noplugPreston Linux User GroupWelcome to GNU/Linux users from in and around Preston, Lancashire!15 Jul 20161
gnusocial.norainRain Appreciation SocietyA place to discuss and appreciate rainy weather, rain related memories, rain art and everything that is rainy :-)20 Oct 201511
gnusocial.noresistanceRESISTANCE26 Jul 20151
gnusocial.normgRhythm/Music GamersGeneral group for anything related to rhythm and music games, including (but not limited to) osu!, DDR, ITG, PiU, and 太鼓の達人. Feel free to discuss games, plan meet-ups, and post videos.26 Jul 20152
gnusocial.norpgundefinedtest rpg15 Jun 20150
gnusocial.nosrilankaSri LankaFree and open discussions, links and thoughts about Sri Lanka and various things that are related to Sri Lanka17 Jan 20159
gnusocial.nosubgeniusThe Church of the SubgeniusNeed SLACK? Hate the CONSPIRACY? Then PRAISE "BOB"! (Smurf them if they can't smurf a smurfing smurf)30 Jul 20161
gnusocial.notestgruppo_test23 Nov 20140
gnusocial.notestcaseundefined10 Jun 20151
gnusocial.notestcase2undefined10 Jun 20151
gnusocial.notestcase3undefined10 Jun 20152
gnusocial.notgtestgtest group8 Jan 20151
gnusocial.notrisqueltrisquelUsuarios de Trisquel y cualquier sistema libre.3 Aug 201562
gnusocial.novelomobileeurotoursVelomobile EurotoursA Velomobile Touring Community for Europe. Create, discuss, and support your velomobile tours in a central resource!12 Nov 20141
gnusocial.nowesnothThe Battle for WesnothFor discussing the free, open source game Battle for Wesnoth30 Jun 20156
quitter.isaiArtificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence related topics...29 Jul 20153
quitter.isamvsTop Quality AMV MaterialAMV = Anime Music Video ~ You know what to do. ~ 100% quality content!3 Mar 20165
quitter.isanarchismanarchismdiscussion for various types of anarchists.19 Jul 20157
quitter.isanitwitterAnitwitterThe home of otakus and autists alike6 Feb 201693
quitter.isaplatzundefined11 Sep 20160
quitter.isarcvarc varc v?7 Feb 20165
quitter.isargentinaArgentina20 Jan 20154
quitter.isatheismatheismthe lack of belief in god(s)3 May 20154
quitter.isbirdsbirdsbirds6 Feb 20164
quitter.isblackmetalBlack MetalPlace to post and learn about black metal bands19 Jul 20153
quitter.isboroMiddlesbrough FC11 Feb 20161
quitter.isbrdomusicbrædo's musicSome music recommendations I'll post. Usually just whatever I'm listening to currently. Tends to be various types of of electronic music and sometimes metal.11 Feb 20161
quitter.isbsdspainBSD_SpainGrupo de usuarios BSD en castellano31 Jan 20152
quitter.isbullyingbullyingBullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power, which distinguishes bullying from conflict. Behaviors used to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion, and such acts may be directed repeatedly towards particular targets. Rationalizations for such behavior sometimes include differences of social class, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, behavior, body language, personality, reputation, lineage, strength, size or ability. If bullying is done by a group, it is called mobbing.4 Sep 20161
quitter.iscommonsCommonsA world beyond market & state3 Dec 20152
quitter.isdiybioDIYbioPlaying with life and life science for fun, public benefit, and/or profit. #DIYbio is #biohacking, #bioart, #synbio, #geneticengineering, #genetics and #genomics, #quantself and more.12 Feb 20162
quitter.iseconomiaeconomia16 Jan 20154
quitter.iseconstuffEconstuffPortal de artículos Econstuff16 Jan 20151
quitter.iselectricityElectrical EngineeringThis group welcomes anyone who's interested in learning and sharing knowledge about electricity. Topics like: AC generator, DC generator, AC to DC converter, types of energy sources etc...8 Jun 201612
quitter.isembeddedlinuxEmbedded Linux28 May 20156
quitter.isencuestaEncuestasEncuestas realizadas en GNUsocial.3 Sep 20161
quitter.isfatheringFatheringAbout being a father, stepfather, grandfather, uncle, big brother, or friend.19 Jan 20163
quitter.isfountainfountainwaterpool1 Jul 20151
quitter.isfrancophonieFrancophonieGroupe des francophones de tous pays sur GNUsocial9 Mar 20154
quitter.isfrugalThe Anti-Fiscal Club of Work Consientious EconomistsA non-"co-opted" club. /r/frugal and similar, have lost their meaning and devolved from a defiance of economic slavery, to a pursuit of happiness within the slave state. They've become more about what people do with that which slavery has given them, than how to escape it: Disgrace to any who actually wish to live a humble life with a low impact, which is what frugality used to be about.23 Jul 20161
quitter.isfurryFurry Friends6 Feb 20161
quitter.isgeologiaGeologíaJust Geology!20 Jan 20151
quitter.isgnusovietGNU sovietWe are the Union of Soviet Socialists(R), USSR for short. We teach you to do good.12 Feb 201621
quitter.isgorfgorfnets12 Feb 20160
quitter.isguerrillagardeningGuerrilla GardeningTalking about Guerrilla Gardening, sharing our own sites or sites we see around.13 Dec 201516
quitter.ishaskellWe λ Haskell!If you want to talk about the Haskell programming language or related topics, you've come to the right place.25 Feb 201618
quitter.ishrHrvatskaGrupa za lokalne hrvatske teme5 Apr 20151
quitter.isisolemnlysweartorescindallearthlyconnectionsCult of Nohbody; Acolytes of Foucaultian, Nihilism of True PersonhoodNormative Moral Relativity is a Myth. There exists no standard of how humans should act, neither implicit nor obvious. Or-so, it should be believed by some. And-so, it should not be believed by many. The only thing that's true is that our purpose is to do exactly what we are doing right now, inevitably, to create as many meaningful perspectives as possible. Our decisions are merely entropy in the engine of fate, designed fuel exponentiating growth of fate.6 Jul 20161
quitter.isjenaJenaDiskussion in und um Jena oder so6 Jun 20155
quitter.iskrautspaceKrautspaceDer Hackerspace in Jena9 Jun 20155
quitter.islel123undefined17 Jul 20151
quitter.islibrosLibrosGrupo para hablar de libros. Por y para lectores.1 Feb 20155
quitter.islinuxLinuxelsewhere search19 Feb 20159
quitter.ismfxmfx20 Jul 20151
quitter.ismicrophiliaMicrophilia: Giant and Tiny, People and Creatures| Alliance1. No RP Death (Respect all life, regardless of size) 2. Always reply with a dot (as in: . ) -Meaning, if you don't want to continue an RP/Convo, let the others know by responding with a dot. (It's respectful) 3. Patients: Any one may take as long as they wish preparing a response (not a dot). -But, if an admin PMs them about it and they fail to acknowledge the admin within 48 hours, they will liable for getting banned. -"Dot"-ting after 72 hours of there being no newly added comments or replies in a thread, is ban-able if it happens repeatedly. -Please, don't dot just because someone takes long. (It's respectful, and increases RP quality) 4. Everything must fit the "gentle giant" theme. -If there's aggression, there must be equalizing elements: whether it be a Giant's Achilles-heel or a Tiny's cunning collection of gadgets, or what-have-you. 5. Don't just dot because you don't like someone.6 Jul 20161
quitter.ismobbingmobbingMobbing, in the context of human beings, means bullying of an individual by a group, in any context, such as a family, peer group, school, workplace, neighborhood, community, or online. When it occurs as emotional abuse in the workplace, such as "ganging up" by co-workers, subordinates or superiors, to force someone out of the workplace through rumor, innuendo, intimidation, humiliation, discrediting, and isolation, it is also referred to as malicious, nonsexual, nonracial / racial, general harassment.4 Sep 20161
quitter.isopenmetalcastOpen MetalcastMusic that will rip your face off and give a copy to your friends. Creative Commons licensed metal music.14 Mar 20163
quitter.isopenrpOpenRPlooking for love in all the wrong places6 Feb 20162
quitter.isperuGrupo de debate sobre los acontecimientos más importantes del Perú29 Jan 20152
quitter.isplantsplantstalk about plants & stuff here8 Feb 20161
quitter.isproprietaryundefinedfor discussion of all proprietary software7 Feb 20160
quitter.ispythonPythonPython is powerful... and fast; plays well with others; runs everywhere; is friendly & easy to learn; is Open.21 Jan 20155
quitter.israndomrandomfree software activism, lol cats and random stuff!17 Jun 20164
quitter.isreprapRepRapFor the ones who use a RepRap25 Mar 20151
quitter.isrubyRuby ProgrammigProgramming Language Group19 Jan 20153
quitter.isseagullsseagullsseagulls6 Feb 20161
quitter.issewingsewingWhat are you sewing? Sharing projects, talking fabrics or ideas.6 Mar 20167
quitter.isspainEspañaGrupo de usuarios relacionados con España.3 Sep 20162
quitter.issviestasmum pazystamas11 Dec 20140
quitter.issynchronkochenSynchronkochen@Bolkerito und @eineBiene kochen zusammen via gnusocial. Alle können mitkochen, am besten sagt ihr Bescheid wenn ihr wollt, dann können wir die Termine besser koordinieren, es wird meistens Sonntag Frühnachmittag gekocht, aber wir verschieben auch öfter mal, und ihr könnt auch nachlesen und später nachkochen. Natürlich können auch alle anderen kochen! Die Einkaufliste wird vorher bekannt gegeben, die Kochanleitung während des Kochens.11 Jan 201610
quitter.istizentizentdc2015 posts weechat:tizen 泰泽#17 Sep 20159
quitter.isttdpThe Temporally Displaced PopesAll in the name, if you're cultured enough.15 Jul 20161
quitter.isukraineUkraineUkraine13 Nov 20161
social.stopwatchingus-heidelberg.deautismusAutismusAutismus in allen Formen des Spektrums.18 Mar 20153
social.stopwatchingus-heidelberg.deicommunityProves d'Eines per a la ComunitatGrupo abierto para probar funcionalidades de GNU18 Sep 20141 heybuddyheybuddy muttonchopmuttonchop vatteryvatteryVattery is a battery monitoring application written in Vala that will display the status of a laptop battery in a system tray. In the vattery preferences, a user can select a program to run when the battery power gets to a certain percentage. stocktonstocktona shitty wrapper for web apps yozeryozera not very good GNU Social client
fresh.federati.netarduinoArduino, Netduino, and similar microcontrollers13 Feb 20146
fresh.federati.netdecentralifeDecentraLifeFreedom from the control of centralized organizations, including but not limited to Google, Microsoft, Apple.19 Jun 201451
fresh.federati.neteconusaUS Economy and its EconomicsAnother group about economics and the economy. This one is intended to be a little US-centric3 May 20142
fresh.federati.netfederatiThe FederatiThe federati are those who are interested in federation. They love federation. They seek federation. They understand that federation is not just between separate instances of the same software, and therefore, they are not satisfied with the "restricted federation" embraced by those whose vision is more limited.4 Feb 201435
fresh.federati.netfnetworksFederati Networks organizationA group for things relevant to Federati Networks18 Aug 20149
fresh.federati.netospOpen Source PlaygroundWe'll fill this in later.9 Feb 201411
fresh.federati.netraspiRaspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black and similar single board dev machinesA group for enthusiasts who use or are learning to use single board development kits like the Raspberry Pi, CubieBoard, BeagleBone Black, and similar devices.13 Feb 201451
fresh.federati.netsmallbizSmall Business and Enterpreneurship18 Mar 20142
fresh.federati.netsmalltalkSmalltalk14 Jun 20162
fresh.federati.netsocalSouthern CaliforniaOf, by, for, or about Southern California.8 Feb 20146
fresh.federati.nettcltkTcl language and Tk toolkit26 Apr 20145
social.geekplace.euprojectmaxsProject MAXS20 Oct 20132 eishockeyEishockeyGruppe für Fans, Spieler und Teams des Eishockeysports
status.hackerposse.comanalogAnalog25 Dec 20132
status.hackerposse.comapfActive Port ForwarderPort-forward client/server suite.17 Feb 20151
status.hackerposse.combikesheddingBikeshedLet's build a bikeshed! What color do you think it should be?7 Apr 20141
status.hackerposse.combusyboxBusyboxA collection of small UNIX utilities in a single executable, often used on embedded systems.23 May 20141
status.hackerposse.combzrBazaar VCS26 Dec 20133
status.hackerposse.comdieselDieselRudolph and his amazing compression-ignition engine.20 Jan 20151
status.hackerposse.comfoxtrotgpsFoxtrotGPS18 Oct 20132
status.hackerposse.comgenerativeGenerative Arts31 Dec 20133
status.hackerposse.comgravmassGrav-massOn December 25, Isaac Newton's birthday, we celebrate the existence of comprehensible physical laws. Remember, Gravitation is a well-establ…18 Oct 201318
status.hackerposse.comhackHacksA place for people who understand what the logo signifies to share interesting hacks of any type.2 Jun 201335
status.hackerposse.comknotKnotKnots, in theory and in practice.29 Apr 20144
status.hackerposse.comlambdaThe λ-CalculusThe Lambda-Calculus and functional programming. Don't be afraid to ask `(λf.((λx.xx) (λr.f(rr))))'.8 Aug 20127
status.hackerposse.comlegoLEGO21 Feb 20151
status.hackerposse.comlispLisp8 Jul 20141
status.hackerposse.commathMathematics9 Jul 201414
status.hackerposse.commeshMesh Networking26 Feb 201510
status.hackerposse.comorigamiOrigami5 Sep 20142
status.hackerposse.compolaroidPolaroid instant photo23 Sep 20141
status.hackerposse.compqProgramming-quotes1 Aug 20133
status.hackerposse.comroboticsRobotics25 Dec 20131
status.hackerposse.comrocketRockets & Rocketry21 Feb 20161
status.hackerposse.comsnbugStatusNet & GNU Social bugsOh, WTF federation--you has bugs! Someone should file these in the bug-tracker. Where *is* the GNU Social BTS anyway...?29 Sep 201342
status.hackerposse.comthereminThereminLev and his amazing instrument of electric music.15 Dec 20132
status.hackerposse.comvisualidsVisualIDsScenery for Data Worlds22 Jul 20125
bartle.doomicile.debartleundefinedabout the server bartle.doomicile.de3 Sep 20101
bartle.doomicile.deqquotes22 Mar 20101
status.samnoble.orgfr33domFreedom LoversFolks who love Freedom16 Mar 2010105
somsants.net15msants15m Sants13 Jun 201232
somsants.net15msantspensionsGrup de treball sobre la problemàtica dels pensionistesLes persones pensionistes tenen dret a veure compensada la pèrdua de poder adquisitiu acumulada.15 Jan 20137
somsants.netabsAssemblea Barri Sants2 Oct 201240
somsants.netarransantsArran SantsARRAN neix el Juliol de 2012 de la unió de Maulets, la CAJEI i diversos col·lectius locals amb la ferma voluntat d’organitzar i mobilitzar …2 Dec 201213
somsants.netassembleagrogaAssemblea Groga10 Jul 201212
somsants.netastronomiaCuerpos celestesCasual astronomy. Observació i contemplació.15 Jun 201228
somsants.netbarrufetEscola Barrufet11 Jun 20127
somsants.netcanviesCSA Can Vies2 Oct 201230
somsants.netcomissiolaboralsantsComissió Laboral de SantsComissió Laboral de l'Assemblea Indignada de Sants30 Jun 201210
somsants.netgadgetsI love gadgets, not.Countering unbridled gadget love. Fighting for humanity. Neo-luddites welcome.16 Dec 20134
somsants.nethabitatgescoopCooperatives d'Habitatges22 Jul 201212
somsants.nethacklabcbHackLabCBHackLabCB14 Mar 201325
somsants.netintercanvisantsXarxa d'Intercanvi de SantsGrup de comunicació per a la Xarxa d'Intercanvi de Sants. Escriu aquí què necessites o pots oferir, i a canvi de què!14 Sep 201210
somsants.netlaburxaLa BurxaLA BURXA és el periòdic de comunicació popular de Sants i barris veïns. Darrere seu hi ha 15 anys d’història. En aquests anys LA BURXA ha c…3 Dec 201228
somsants.netmemoriasantsMemòria de SantsSom molts els qui hem passejat, corregut, jugat, i en general crescut a l'ombra de les xemeneies i d'altres restes d'antigues fàbriques als…14 Dec 20137
somsants.netnegrestempestesCol·lectiu Negres TempestesNegres Tempestes és un col·lectiu llibertari del barcelonès. Visca la terra, mort a l'estat!3 Dec 20128
somsants.netocabundefinedno devem, no paguem19 Jul 20134
somsants.netpacdAuditoria Ciutadana del DeuteCiudadan@s, asambleas del 15-M y distintas redes y organizaciones sociales alrededor del territorio están construyendo la Plataforma Audito…27 Jun 201212
somsants.netplcanbatlloPlataforma Can BatllóRecuperem Can Batlló seguim amb la reivindicació. Encara queden veïnes i industrials per indemnitzar i el barri segueix necessitant els equ…2 Dec 201233
somsants.netsantstvSants TelevisióTelevisió comunitària de Sants3 Dec 201215
somsants.netticticTIC-TICinfraestructura informàtica2 Oct 201213
somsants.netunilliuresantsUniversitat Lliure de SantsGrup a Som Sants de la Universitat Lliure de Sants15 Jun 201221
nhcrossing.comgnhlugGreater NH Linux User Group28 Dec 20135
nhcrossing.commoxieMoxieNOT orange soda. More... like `a root beer'... in that it's made out of roots....8 Oct 20134
nhcrossing.comnashuaNashua20 Aug 20162
nhcrossing.comnhNew HampshireWhat's new in New Hampshire: tell us!11 Mar 201221
status.tenak.netratafiaRatafiaPels amants de la ratafia :)31 Jul 20132
status.tenak.netreutilReutil!Reutilitzem els nostres objectes! Passem-los a qui els necessiti quan nosaltres ja no els hi donem cap us1 Dec 20135
social.10one.netearwormearwormWhat's stuck in your head!10 Nov 20152
social.10one.netkristinhershKristin HershGod of music3 Jun 20161
gs.morphtown.debeerundefinedbeer group19 Feb 201621
gs.morphtown.dechiliundefinedchile pepper group28 Feb 20169
gs.morphtown.deglubb1. FCN | Glubbfcn supporters group31 Jan 20164
gs.morphtown.degrowundefinedgrow your own group29 Jan 201639
gs.morphtown.despilledundefinedWe spill stuff like beer, coffee, etc ... the worse the better.25 Feb 20164


2016.11.26 — The index didn't update for about three months. Sorry about that! The fact is, this thing needs to be rewritten and automated – there's a small but non-negligible manual element to maintaining this list right now – but I've done a bit of house-cleaning on old/unresponsive nodes and I should be able to keep things more up-to-date until I find the time and inclination to reimplement.

About This Page

The federated groups on this page were gathered via web-scraping. Initially, I wanted the indexer to use the /statusnet/groups/list_all API endpoint, as it provides much more data than the groups directory of the web interface, but at present, that API requires authentication to use on most servers. While the API is available publicly on some nodes, I decided to tackle the worst-case scenario first (scraping), and I'll add API indexing support later, since it should be pretty easy.

The initial list of servers was gathered from pztrn's GSTools(down?), as well as Erkan Yilmaz's wiki. It has subsequently been supplemented by tuxxus' excellent Some nodes, rather than list only a directory of their local groups, list all of the federated groups known/used by the server . In cases where the indexer encounters one of these types of directories, it will add previously-unknown nodes to its search list at run-time.

At the top of this page you can see the indexer's report from the last time the index was updated.

The indexer tries not to hit servers any more times than it has to. On some servers, you'll see that there's no creation date or member count; of course I could grab the JSON of every single group and get all of that information, but I don't want to grab the JSON of every group. Not individually, at least.

Now, you may ask, why would a person try to do this when GSTools already does more, has more information, and a better-looking website? Well, I figured that not every server admin can be expected to install the statistics plugin that sends data to GSTools, so there must be heaps, mountains, entire continents of stuff out there that GSTools isn't indexing with it's paltry, what, 41 participating servers? HA! Forty-one?! I've got 150+!

The reality is that there were about 1,040 groups indexed on GSTools [the last time I could reach it], and this indexer is only pulling in about 1,400. Most groups, it seems, are located on just a few nodes. So it goes!


Node List