Adam Moore (LÆMEUR) <adam@laemeur.com>
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I am a professional cartoonist/illustrator, hobbyist programmer, recreational musician, and creative generalist. I have a magnificent wife and a stupendous son.

I love art and computing, and their intersection. I love science and literature, and their intersection. I love old comic books and comic strips and space opera and pen-and-ink illustration. I love UNIX and Smalltalk and 8-bit microcomputers and mainframe consoles. I love loud guitars and louder drums and growling, wailing, humming, screeching, grating, hissing, pulsing synthesizers. I love elegant ideas, large and small, and their interplay. I love simplicity and complexity and indeterminacy and paradox.

I care about freedom of thought, of expression, and of association, and the right to privacy. Thus, I care about free software, free hardware, encryption, and open systems.

I care about civil liberties, equality, secularism, and multiculturalism. I care about copyright. I call myself a civil libertarian and a utopian socialist when pressed for labels.

For links to a lot of things that I like, I have a likes page.

The Pseudonym

"Læmeur" has been my online handle since the tail-end of the 20th century, and it has acquired a multifarious etymology over the years. It probably started here, and was later syncretised with my totemic critter and its namesake. Pronounce as you deign.

Me Elsewhere (Contact, part 2)