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Adam Moore (LÆMEUR) <adam@laemeur.com>
http://laemeur.com || http://laemeur.sdf.org
GNU social: laemeur@gs.sdf.org
Pump.io: laemeur@microca.st (rarely used)
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Hello. I am a cartoonist and illustrator, and I often work under the pseudonym LÆMEUR(1). I have an illustration-oriented site and portfolio over at http://laemeur.com.

This is my personal website. What you'll find here are pages about various other creative things that I get up to, and some links. I am an avid computing enthusiast and hobbyist programmer, as well as a musician of sorts; most of what ends-up here is related, in some way, to those interests.

This site is hosted on the SDF Public Access UNIX System.

I can also be found on the interwebs at these elsewheres:
LAEMEUR.COM / DeviantART / Microca.st (pump.io) / SDF GNU social / Cupcake / Bandcamp / SoundCloud.

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1. "Læmeur" has been my online handle since the tail-end of the 20th century, and it has acquired a multifarious etymology over the years. It probably started here, and was later syncretised with my totemic critter and its namesake. Pronounce as you deign.