GALROID/V is not a complete game. It's a personal coding project which grew out of my Atari DVG simulator that I wrote a few years ago.

What I'd ultimately like to have is a multi-mode vector-style game that incorporates gameplay elements from Asteroids, Galaga, Juno First, Time Pilot, and Gravitar. Right now, I've got Asteroids with a Galaga-ish bonus stage.

My interest in games is almost purely arcade-shooter oriented, and I have no desire to incorporate narrative beyond the obligatory save-the-universe back-story that those games traditionally have. No plot, no missions, no inventory and upgrade systems, no characters, none of that garbage. Just insert coin and blast away until game over.

There will be a high-score page, though.

Download & License

The copyright notice on the game screen (©1979 IMITARI) is obviously a joke.

You can download the game as a zip file here: This software is released under the current GNU General Public License, so feel free to modify and redistribute your own version.


This project owes its existence to the great work of Ed Logg and everone at Atari, Namco, Konami, and the other pioneers of that formative decade of coin-op video games.