McQuarrie Star Wars Logo Vector

©2019 LÆMEUR <>

I was illustrating a poster recently, a kind-of alternative universe Star Wars piece, and I wanted to use the circa-1975 Star Wars logo that was designed by Ralph McQuarrie and used in various printed material during the first film's production. I wanted to use it at a fairly large size, but I couldn't find a vector file of the logotype – so, working with the following specimens, I made my own. It may not be perfect, but it got the job done, and I'm happy to share it with the fan community.

McQuarrie triangular composition with logo
Photograph of a logotype scale sheet

I first made a bitmap from the McQuarrie illustration, using GIMP's threshold tool, then created this "clean" bitmap, checking the scalesheet image as I went along.

My "clean" bitmap, with incorrect stroke angles, but designed to vectorize well

I knew the stroke angles weren't quite right here, but I also knew that this bitmap would vectorize the way that I wanted, and that I could adjust the angles more easily once my bitmap had been vectorized. I used potrace for the vectorization, then squished the middle glyphs until the angles looked more correct.

Here's the finished SVG file, which you may download and use as you wish; I release this work into the public domain.

—L. J96