The "Operation Codes, Just The Overview" File

(OPS_QREF, ver L5L)

00  RETPAGE   Return head to the beginning of the page
01  SETF1     Set the value of AUDF1
02  SETF2       ...AUDF2
03  SETF3       ...AUDF3
04  SETF4       ...AUDF4
05  SETC1     Set the value of AUDC1
06  SETC2       ...AUDC2
07  SETC3       ...AUDC3
08  SETC4       ...AUDC4
09  SETCTL    Set the value of AUDCTL
0A  HOP       Hop over the following instruction
0B  JMP       Jump playhead to a new address
0C  STOR      Store a value to the playhead's REGISTER
0D  MAC       Jump the playhead to a macro sequence
0E  MACRET    Jump the playhead back from a macro sequence
0F  OPNOP     Do nothing
10  STOP      Stop/disable the current playhead

11 - 18       -unassigned-

19  SETC1R    Set AUDC1 from the playhead's register
1A  SETC2R      ...AUDC2
1B  SETC3R      ...AUDC3
1C  SETC4R      ...AUDC4
1D  SETCTLR   Set AUDCTL from the playhead's register
1E  MODR      Modify the value of the playhead's register
1F  HOPNE     Skip next op if playhead's register != passed value
20  JMPONZ    Jump to passed address if the register equals zero
21  GOHED1    Dispatch playhead 1 to the passed page
22  GOHED2      ...playhead 2
23  GOHED3      ...playhead 3
24  GOHED4      ...playhead 4
25  GOHED5      ...playhead 5
26  GOHED6      ...playhead 6

27 - 2F        -unassigned-

30  GOPCM     Playback PCM waveform on voice 4
31  NOPCM     Disable/stop PCM playback on voice 4
32  GOFM      Turn on FM
33  SETFMF    Set/modify FM operator pitch
34  SETFMC    Set FM parameters
35  SETCVOX   Set distortion, C, scale/voicing (???)

36 - 3A        -unassigned-

3B  SETSCALE  Set the value of SCALIX, the scale table vector
3C  PEEK      Load a byte from memory in the playhead register
3D  PEEKW     Load a word from memory in the playhead register
3E  POKE      Store the low byte of the playhead's register to memory
3F  POKEW     Store the playhead's register to memory